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Cooking Classes For Beginners
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Cooking Classes For Beginners As Well As Professionals

‘Health is wealth’, the old saying goes true in terms of healthy food too that contain nutrients and other needed ingredients. Making the food tasty enough depends mostly on the cooking method. Many people do not know how to prepare food for their homes or for commercial restaurants. Most of them undergo private cooking lessons that go a long way in enriching them with the necessary traits.

Those wishing to get equipped with the basic ideas of cooking by undergoing necessary lessons should emphasize on –

Assess your skill level – Be wise to choose a cooking class that matches with your skill level. Go for the basic level training programs only if you are a novice in this line. Those who have already spent numbers of years in the cooking profession may go for advanced courses meant for senior chefs or cooks. It is suggested for everyone to test your limits and be prepared to learn new things at the cost of your dedication and valuable time. Do not hesitate in raising queries that are much helpful in becoming competent enough.

Stay organised – It is wise to make the best out of private cooking lessons for which the aspirants should stay organised at all times. Always stay connected with your instructor who would apprise you about the forthcoming tutorials for which you can make advance planning. The registered students should plan well with the needed tools and recipes that are much helpful in making the classes a great success.

Safety advice – Those fresh in cooking should be well aware of the kitchen tools. They should learn the art of using hot pots or pans and sharp knives that may sometimes harm them if not used evenly. So exercise the protective tips to make the best use of these things that are a must for perfect cooking and their lessons. Just, for example, be wise to walk with the knife by keeping it pointed downwards and keep it pressed against your thigh for your own safety and that of your fellow beings. Always wash your hands before undergoing the food cooking lessons. Make use of a ponytail or bun to pull your long hair before starting to cook. Use a clean tasting spoon instead of checking the taste with fingers that look bad and is not a wise idea.

Participation and fun – Cooking classes include theoretical and practical practices. Be wise to get involved and engaged in the cooking process since taught by your wise instructors. Do focus on the guidelines since suggested by them. You should be at the front as regards learning the tactics of cooking when you are undergoing lessons. Do not consider the cooking lessons as any burden upon your head. Take them as a fun activity and go ahead with learning the basic tactics.

So you have chosen cooking as your lifetime career! Why not learn its tactics by undergoing private cooking lessons that go a long way in making you the perfect chef of the highest level.

Coffee Brewing Mistakes
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Common Coffee Brewing Mistakes You’re Making (And How to Avoid Them)

A nice cup of coffee can make your morning–while a cup that doesn’t quite satisfy you can make the rest of your day look a little bleak. There are many mistakes that can be made while brewing your coffee, ranging from what beans you use to how you actually brew your cup of morning Joe. The following are 4 common mistakes you’re making–and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Using old pre-ground beans

When you’re showing for coffee bags at the store, the most common product you’ll find are pre-ground beans in coffee pouches. Pre-ground beans are usually packaged along with additional flavorings, making them a tempting choice when you are looking for something besides a cup of ordinary black coffee. Unfortunately, pre-ground beans are not a great choice for brewing, because once the beans are ground, they begin to lose their complexity, flavor and richness. You should choose whole coffee beans whenever possible and grind them yourself to ensure the best flavor.

Mistake #2: Grinding your coffee too finely or not enough

You need to be careful when grinding your coffee beans–grinding them too much or too little will result in a poor flavor. If you don’t grind your coffee beans enough, then the resulting flavor when you brew them will be weak and generally poor. If you grind your coffee beans too much, resulting in them being too small and fine, then this will release the bitterness in the beans; naturally, this results in an overall bitter flavor. You may need to test out the grind on new brands you purchase to double check the “sweet spot” for the beans.

Mistake #3: Using stale coffee beans

No matter what kind of coffee bags you buy, you should always make sure you’re using fresh coffee beans and not beans that have expired and gone stale. Stale coffee beans will either taste bitter or flavorless, and in either case they won’t be satisfying to drink. If you have trouble finishing coffee bags before the beans expire, you should consider splitting the bag with a coffee-drinking friend or choosing brands that offer smaller portions.

Mistake #4: Using unfiltered tap water

It can be tempting to use unfiltered tap water because it’s free and easy to access. However, unfiltered tap water has minerals that don’t always work well with the coffee beans you’re using, and the resulting taste can be unpleasant at best. You should try to use filtered tap water or, if you can, purified bottled water for the freshest and “purest” taste.

Mistake #5: Not using measuring spoons

Most people simply scoop their ground coffee beans into the machine without a second thought, but using measuring spoons gives you much greater control over the strength of your coffee cup. Unless you don’t care how strong or mild your coffee is, make sure you take the time to measure properly.

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Cajun Food

Cajun food originates from the deepest part of Southern Louisiana and Mississippi. Like the area it originated from, Cajun food have very rich and spicy flavor which makes it delicious. Many people do not know that the Cajun food was evolved by extremely poor people who are the descendants of Acadians and French Catholic inhabitants and they move to New Orleans when they were expelled from Canada by the British.

Cajun people are very close to the Mexico Gulf, so seafood is a big thing in their dishes. Cajuns living in rural areas made hearty dishes like jambalaya and gumbo that mostly consists of seafood, rice, vegetables and spices. Cajun cooking uses whatever foods are nearby and available, like crawfish, alligator, duck, okra, tomatoes or corn.

According to Ms.Bienvenu: “When Cajun people planning a meal, he or she simply opens the door of kitchen and whatever is swimming, flying, walking or growingin their gardens may well end up in the pot.

Cajun spices

Cajun spices comprises of three main things:

  • Bell pepper
  • Onions
  • Celery

These three are the favorite vegetables which add flavor for the Cajun food. It is known as the ‘Holy Trinity’. A couple of other ingredients include cayenne pepper and garlic. Cajuns are fond of their spice, and add it to most dishes that they prepare.

Alligator in Cajun food

Southern parts of Louisiana are full of marshy coastal regions and swamplands. It is known as the best home for Alligators and they rapidly became part of the regular dining options. Taste of Alligator is like chicken or rabbit. Tail, ribs, tenderloin and other different parts of Alligator are used to prepare variety of dishes like:

  • Alligator Cajun spiced ribs
  • Alligator stew
  • Fried alligator tail
  • Alligator pie
  • Alligator Sauce Piquante

Alligator meat is rich in vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, niacinand fatty acids which make it a healthy alternative to pork, chicken and beef. The majority of people are well known with eating alligator meat that has been seasoned, southern style and presented with a sauce. This meat basically comes from the tail portion of the alligator. A large number of folks like to take meat and grind it for making sausages and other applications that require blending the wild gator with pork.


There are a lot of ways to use Alligator in Cajun cooking:

  • Gator Ballswhich is ground gator meat (into a meatball, of course) with some other things then breaded and deep fried.
  • Alligator Etouffee, a specialty of Robert St. Thomas where the alligator meat is substituted for the crawfish meat.
  • Pistolettes, stuffed with savory Cajun alligator filling and sized for individual portions. They can be baked or fried to a deliciously golden brown.
  • Boudin is another type of Louisiana delicacy which offers a seamless blend of select alligator, seasonings, cooked rice and the holy trinity of Cajun cuisine like onions, celery, and bell pepper.
  • It can be used as a substitute for both chicken and crawfish, as it is heavier in texture than crawfish (closer to chicken) but keeps a seafood quality.
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How Do I Go About Selecting the Best Commercial Cooking Equipment

If you’re thinking of purchasing new food industry equipment, it can be a task which requires some careful consideration. Because the best commercial cooking equipment equals a large investment for the buyer, taking one’s time to do the research and compare different brands and check out different comments and testimonials is indeed vital to obtain the best results.

Nobody wants to end up with cooking equipment which one is not happy with, right? Imagine if you will, buying a car and then a few days later, when driving it, you just feel that yeah, it gets me around, but it’s not really what I really wanted. So what to do?

First Things First

The first stage when selecting the best possible commercial cooking equipment is by considering exactly what the equipment is going to be used for.

Knowing what is required and what they were used for in the way of equipment will often make it easier to focus on vendors offering most if not all of the items required.

  • The design, size, and how many of each type will be necessary will differ all depending on whether the job is for them to be servicing a kitchen for a large restaurant, a small intimate bistro, or for a school cafeteria.
  • If you know someone involved in commercial catering repairs in Perth, they will be able to give you some good advice, too.

Do the Homework

Researching the quality and prestige of different commercial cooking equipment name brands is also of importance when looking to purchase what is needed for the operation.

Try considering:

  • The sturdiness of the equipment
  • What kind of warranty is included with each item?
  • The ease of the purchasing operation

Check out reviews and take note of what other people have said about any equipment you’re interested in, and that means both positive and negative, as this will help you in deciding whether a certain brand is ideal for your needs. You can also ask friends in the business for recommendations.

Online Info

It’s so easy nowadays, to go online and check out particular brands and models and see what other users have to say about them. Just by putting anything that you have an interest in, into a search engine and then ‘reviews’ afterwards, you will find a myriad of information out there. That information can save a whole load of time, money, and stress.

And just like any other kind of business purchases, the cost spent on the cooking equipment is more than likely to factor into your final choice. If the budget happens to be limited, then there may have to be some necessary compromises made, so find your limit.

  • Try finding the best solution between the price and the quality of the cooking equipment which will be ultimately decided upon.

And if you just don’t have the budget for the best quality, purchase the best out there in your price range.

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The Many Benefits of Buying a Portable Ice Maker

Ice machines can be used at home or in a commercial environment such as a restaurant or a bar. Ice is a common requirement for people during the summer months as they put it in their beverages to cool them. However, without an ice machine, freezing the ice and using it properly can be a bit more difficult than you might think. First of all, the ice trays are going to take up a great deal of space in the freezer. In a commercial environment, having adequate freezer space is very important since you have to store other food items and raw materials in there as well. If a considerable amount of the space is being taken up by the ice trays, you are not going to be able to maximise efficiency in the freezer.

This is one of the main reasons why you should consider buying an ice maker in Perth. An ice maker is a machine that freezes the water instantly in particular shapes so that you are able to quickly dispense the ice cubes. Ice machines are available in different sizes, ranging from larger-sized machines that must be kept on the floor to smaller tabletop variants that are easier to move around. All in all, buying a portable ice maker is a worthwhile investment. Here are a few reasons why.

Quick Ice Supply

The biggest benefit that you get when buying an ice maker is that it allows you to dispense ice very quickly. If you keep the water in the freezer, it will take at least two or three hours to freeze into ice. That’s because conventional freezers use convection in order to cool the water. However, portable ice makers have electrical coils that can instantly cool the water and turn it into ice. At the touch of a button, the ice maker will be able to dispense ice immediately. The instant freezing makes it ideal because you can deal with greater customer traffic without having to free up more space in the freezers.

No Drainage Lines

Tabletop ice makers don’t require you to connect them to a drainage line or a water line in order to get rid of the water. There are no drainage lines needed; you just have to connect the ice maker to the electrical line and that’s it. It’s a very efficient solution that can allow you to make and store ice very easily.

Ice Storage

Despite their diminutive size, you might be surprised to know that the ice maker is capable of storing much more ice than you might think, going as high as 55 kilograms. That’s a great option, especially for use in commercial environments.