5 Creative Ideas to Have Fun with Peeps on Easter

Peeps on Easter

Peeps are marshmallow candies in the shape of chicks, bunnies, snowmen and others. They are available in various colors with eyes and nose to attract everyone’s attention. The Peeps taste great to offer enjoyable eating experience but you can do much more with Peeps in addition to eating them.

Eating Peeps right out of the box is too common thing to do. Nowadays, people do a variety of experiments to use Peeps in decoration, make Peeps jousting in the microwave, and use Peeps as toppings on other food dishes and much more.

5 Creative Hacks to Have Fun with Peeps on Easter

Just Born, Inc. started selling Peeps on Easter only but the fans of Peeps encouraged it to make Peeps for more festivals. The Peeps for not like an ordinary candy for fans, because people consider Peeps as a part of Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

The regular Peeps look like chicks i.e. chickens and they are also made in rabbit, snowman and other shapes. During festive days, you can serve Peeps to your guests but you can also do some crazy things with Peeps to have fun.

Here I provide some creative hacks to make your Peeps funny and more noticeable by everyone.

#1. Make a Peep Wreath

You have seen different types of wreaths made of flowers and other things. On Easter 2018, I decided to make a Peep wreath and hang it below the wall clock of my living room. I was worried and excited at the same time because it was my first time.

This task requires 20 to 30 Peeps, a wreath hanger, Styrofoam circle, hot glue gun and some ribbons.

I bought different color Peeps to make the wreath look more attractive. As I started making it, it didn’t feel tough anymore. Within 30 minutes, my Peeps wreath was ready and I hanged on the wall as I thought earlier.

#2. Make Peeps Swim in Jello Cups

I buy Peeps in bulk as my kids and my hubby are crazy about them. To be honest, I like Peeps but am not a crazy fan yet I do creative things with Peeps. This time, I have made them do swimming in Jello Cups.

Along with some fresh Peeps, you need several cups, 2-3 boxes of Blue Jello Mix and blue color for food to add in water. You should use same color or different color Peeps depending upon your choice.

The Peeps swimming in Jello Cups will look wonderful as your guests will see them on top of the aquarium or a desk.

#3. Make Peeps Jousting in the Microwave

The Peeps are cute but they can also joust with each other. Yes, you can make Peeps jousting in the microwave with help of a step-by-step procedure. For that, you need two Peeps, two toothpicks, a microwave-safe plate and a microwave oven.

Insert one toothpick in each Peep and make them stand in front of each other in the plate. Make sure the Peeps are close to each other, then put the plate in the microwave and run it. See how Peeps are jousting in the microwave and check who wins the battle.

#4. Create a Birdhouse for Peeps

Peeps look like chickens, so making a birdhouse for Peeps makes sense. Moreover, it is all about how you use Peeps to decorate your house on Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas.

In order to create a birdhouse for Peeps, you need Graham Crackers, Vanilla Frosting, Edible Easter Grass and Some Fresh Peeps. Once, the birdhouse is ready, you can place the Peeps on grass in the birdhouse.

#5. Use Peeps as Toppings for Ice Cream or Milkshake

The Peeps are yummy enough to eat alone but they also taste great as toppings other food dishes. You can add Peeps as toppings on ice cream, milkshake, cake, pastry, pudding, brownie, cupcake and other foods.

Using Peeps as a topping for an ice cream cup or cone makes it more attractive. So, the Peeps can decorate the ice cream or milkshake and also offers good taste.


With different color Peeps and a creative mind, you can do many fun things. The Peeps are the most loved marshmallow candies across entire US and some other countries. You can use my suggested hacks to use Peeps for decoration on Easter and other festivals.

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