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Restaurant Staff Happy

Tips and Ideas to Keep Your Restaurant Staff Happy

If you want to run your restaurant successfully, you will have to think beyond serving delicious food. Indeed, maintaining the quality, look, and taste of the food you serve is extremely important. However, you cannot beat your rivals just by ensuring that you are putting the best thing on your customers’ plate.

For long-term success, you must also look after the décor of the restaurant, kitchen hygiene, and last but not least wellbeing of your staff.

In this write-up, we’ll be discussing tips that would help you to keep your restaurant staff happy. If you fail to protect your employees’ rights, they can seek assistance from a New Haven wage and hour attorney. The tips and ideas below would help you to prevent such events.

Acknowledge Your Employees

Don’t hesitate to let your employees know that you are happy with their services. The easiest way of doing that is by announcing the quintessential “Employee of the Month” award.

If you inform everyone associated with the restaurant about an employee’s achievement, the action will encourage him/her to perform even better. One employee’s achievement will inspire others to put in more effort so that they can receive the award themselves. This, in turn, improves the productivity and performance of the restaurant.

Try to recognize your employees’ accomplishments with visual accolades. Examples include a photo on the restaurant wall, a trophy, etc.

Invest in Your Staff

Nothing will make your staff happier than when they understand that you think about their future. Invest in your employees’ skills. If you help your bartenders, chefs, hosts, and servers to become more skilled at their respective jobs, the action will be beneficial for both sides.

You can organize training sessions and invite experts of the trade to train and teach your employees. This will allow you to turn regular employees into seasoned ones. If people already working at your restaurant keep getting better by adding new skill sets to their arsenal, you’ll not need to hire new ones often.

Reward Your Staff for Longevity

One of the main reasons why many restaurants fail to achieve long-term success is the loss of valued employees. Let’s explain with an example. Suppose your restaurant is famous for serving a unique pasta. For your business to perform well consistently, you must ensure that better pay packages of your competitors cannot allure your pasta chef.

The easiest way to keep your rival groups at bay is by rewarding your staff for longevity. Offer them pay hikes, special perks, one-time bonuses, etc. Also, value their opinion as old employees often are as passionate about their organization as the business owner.

Feed Your Employees

When you are serving a range of delicious dishes in your restaurant, don’t offer your employees chips and sandwiches. Instead, allow them to have free meals at the restaurant once every week. Allow them to taste the food they serve. This will make them feel more connected with you and your restaurant.

Final Words

Other than following the above tips and ideas, you should also make sure you offer a healthy workspace to your employees. They should not feel suffocated or become victims of workplace hazards when working at your restaurant.

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Catering Ideas for Business Events

Are you wondering how to change the vibe at your next business meeting with a prospective client? Well, what better way could there be than pleasing your guest with food? The best companies don’t let their clients, employees, and guests attend the event with a growling stomach.

Organizing a business event is much more than just choosing the location and amenities. The same level of attention to detail must be given to the food. Corporate meetings and business events with a long list of scheduled presentations can take their toll on the guests. That is why keeping them happy with great food is a priority.

Always keep in mind; it isn’t just about providing a great dining experience for your co-workers and higher officials. Organizing a successful catering help create the best first impression.

Hire the catering company in Sydney and work with them. You don’t have to do it alone. Here are a few catering ideas for your next business event:-


Let’s admit it; no one really enjoys the breakfast meeting, especially on Monday morning. Tired eyes and Monday blues don’t allow the attendees to concentrate on meetings. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, why don’t you serve them with a hot, ready to eat breakfast? An excellent idea! Speak to your caterers.

Meeting breaks and lunch

We all are hardworking professionals. Aren’t we? Your teammates may be skipping lunch to attend the meeting. But, why would you want them to be left in hunger? You can’t pour from an empty cup – hope you know that. So, why not serve soups and some finger foods in the breaks, followed by platted meals?

If you are offering soup during the break, ensure you have arranged for a full course meal. A business event that lasts the entire day could overwhelm attendees, especially seniors. So, work with the catering service to come up with an attractive display across the boardroom. Let the lunch menu has filling delicacies rather than easily digestible food items.


If it’s a leisure evening party with your colleagues, you could never go wrong with cocktail and chicken or even spit roast catering Sydney. This crowd-pleaser dish will leave your guests salivating with several flavor options. However, don’t overdo the food choices as it will overwhelm your guests.

Planning a business event doesn’t have to be difficult. Planning is the key when it comes to feeding big or small crowds.

Hiring Catering Service Providers

Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring Catering Service Providers

Of course catering is one of the core aspects of throwing a big party for a special occasion. The minds of people are put at ease when the food and wait service is outstanding. But it may cast a pall over the event when the catering goes wrong, leaving you and your guests disappointed with the way things worked out. But how can you ensure that the highest quality standard and your exact requirements are met for your event? The first and most critical step is establishing one of the reputable catering companies in Sydney. To do so, when recruiting a competent caterer, it helps to know about the following mistakes people usually make. And you know what to stop.

Hiring a Firm with Poorly Trained Staff

Some businesses don’t take catering as seriously as they should. It is in reality a highly technical trade that needs rigorous training. Will you want to tailor your wedding to people who hadn’t been skilfully trained? From transporting and setting up equipment to setting tables and planning serving lines, you need staffs that are detailed-oriented and professionally dedicated. This comes only from organisational preparation for all employees.

Most reputable corporate catering in Sydney will have teams which are led and trained by culinary institutions graduates. The more training a firm gives its workers; the better would be the results. Before you employ a catering company, make sure that you inquire about who is really going to cater your event and what kind of experience they have.

Not Being On the Same Page

You may have settled on the menu but did your caterers take the time to really understand what kind of event you’re organising? Are they aware of the elements involved in the decor, design, location and thematic? If an organisation seems to be taking little interest in this information, it’s best to look elsewhere. Turn the attention on catering companies who put additional time into knowing your event. Find a company who wants to know more about your case, and arrange a meeting or phone call with your caterer and other professionals who can assist with your case.

Not Being Particular About Ingredients

Your catering company will do everything right in terms of service and presentation, but you and your guests will notice if the food doesn’t meet expectations. When it comes to catered activities, the only way to get there is quality through and through. Make certain your catering company knows how essential the quality products are to you before signing any contracts. Ask them to explain the origins of their ingredients, and how the food is prepared.

Make the Most Suitable Choice for Your Case

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to pick a corporate catering in Sydney for your corporate event. If you ask the right questions and keep these common errors in mind when evaluating your catering choices, you will be able to avoid those unwelcome surprises and enjoy the party.


Top Seafood Restaurants in Seattle

Seafood includes fish, seashells, molluscs, shrimps, lobsters and some others like that. These seafood contain a large amount of protein which is so beneficial for humans. So for that most of the restaurants are offering seafood all over the world. In Seattle a lot of restaurants are available which have seafood in there menu list. Different varieties of seafood are available. All these have different tastes. Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Korean restaurants, Thailand restaurants are available in the town. So you can try the restaurants of your own choice and enjoy your favorite dishes in restaurants with family and friends.

Here are some top seafood restaurants in Seattle which offer seafood.


Location 1111 Fairview Avenue N. Seattle WA, 98109

Timing 11 am – 11 pm

Duke’s seafood is an amazing restaurant in the town. The best part of this restaurant is that this offers two happy hours one from 3 pm to 6 pm and the other from 9 pm to 11 pm. This restaurant is considered one of the best fish restaurants in town. If you plan dinner in this restaurant then also try New England clam chowder.


Location 2323 Second Avenue. Seattle, WA98121

Timing 5 pm – 10 pm

Tavolata is an Italian restaurant in Seattle. You can enjoy dinner here with your family. The most popular dishes of this restaurant are Pascheri Nero with soffrito and whole grilled fish with brown butter capers and sage. If you plan to dine here than try these dishes also.


Location 1301 Alaskan Way Pier 57, Seattle WA 98101

Timing 11 am – 9 pm

The crab pot is the best seafood venue. The Waterfront view is also available so you can enjoy this scene while eating your meal. The famous food of this restaurant is Alaskan king crab, Snow Crab, Dungeness crab, and pacific clams and mussels.


Location 5517 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Timing 11 am – 10 pm

Saffron Grill is an Indian restaurant in Seattle. If you are looking for a top Indian seafood restaurant in town then you have to try this restaurant. The most popular dish of this restaurant is Tandoori Salmon. So also try this dish if you are planning to visit the Saffron grill.


Location 95 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101

Timing 11 am – 9 pm

Best seafood restaurant located in Seattle. The taste is just amazing. Grilled Alaskan Halibut and Razor clam chowder are the most popular dishes in this restaurant.


Location 1303 1st Ave, Seattle WA 98101

Timing open for lunch and dinner [remain close on Sunday]

NOI THAI CUISINE SEATTLE is the Thailand restaurant in the town. It is the best venue for lunch and dinner. The authentic flavor of Thailand is available in this restaurant. Fresh ingredients are used while preparing food so the taste is also amazing. Salmon Garlic Fried Rice is the most famous dish in this restaurant.


Location 200 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Timing open at the time of lunch and dinner [no lunch service on Sunday]

One of the best known Chinese restaurants in Seattle is Uptown China restaurant. Prawns, shrimps, scallops, and lobsters are on the menu list of this restaurant. The most famous dish of this restaurant is chow fun over stir-fried wide noodles.

  1. Sushi kashiba

Location 86 Pine St Suite 1, Seattle, WA98101

Timing 5 pm – 9 30 pm

It is the most famous Japanese restaurant. It is located next to the pike place market. Cuisines, Japanese seafood is also available in this restaurant. The reservation option is also available in this restaurant. Sushi rolls, black cod marinated in sake and miso paste are their popular dishes. So if you are looking for some Japanese restaurant in Seattle then you can try this one.


The Importance of Finding a Reliable Food Supplier for Your Restaurant

In the kitchen, as in life, you reap what you sow.

You cannot expect to churn out consistently delicious meals from your restaurant kitchen if you do not use quality ingredients. Even the most seasoned chefs can do only so much with lackluster ingredients.

Effects of ingredient quality

But why does using quality ingredients matter in restaurants? The ingredients you use in your kitchen can influence the quality of food you serve your diners.

Run this experiment: ask your chef to prepare two versions of the same dish. The only difference between each version is the meat used. With the first one, ask your chef to use meat that has been frozen for about a week or two. For the other one, ask him to use the freshest meat available.

Almost always, you will get the same result, assuming that other variables remain constant: the dish which used fresh meat will taste better.

The primary reason behind that is that fresh meat contains the most amount of juices and flavors. Over time, an ingredient, especially proteins, loses its natural flavors. In turn, your kitchen crew will need to rely on spices and other ingredients to compensate for this loss.

Fresh ingredients also translate to more satisfied customers. Again, try to observe your establishment’s customers. Notice that when you use quality ingredients, diners take their time when eating meals, savoring the flavors, treating their taste buds to a culinary wonderland.

Types of ingredient suppliers

To a great extent, being able to use the finest ingredients and supplies for your dishes hinges on finding a reliable supplier.

Apart from your local grocery and markets, there are a few options that you can explore when looking for a supplier for the finest ingredients to use in your restaurant.

One such option is food wholesalers. Food wholesalers refer to companies that sell directly to restaurants and similar establishments. There are some cases wherein the manufacturers themselves act as wholesalers. But in most cases, wholesalers are akin to your local groceries, although on a larger scale. Wholesale distributors typically require a minimum order volume for deliveries.

Wholesale grocers, on the other hand, are similar to the ordinary grocery. The critical difference is that the former offers products in bulk or in larger packages which you might not find in your local grocer.

Food distributors, on the other hand, sell their products to both establishments and food wholesalers. Some food distributors offer a diverse array of products, while others specialize in a specific range. Like wholesalers, distributors can deliver your orders directly to your restaurant, provided that you meet a certain minimum.

The chief advantage of working with distributors and wholesalers is that you’ll get practically everything that your restaurant needs. This helps eliminate the hassles associated with dealing with multiple vendors, like multiple deliveries and pickups.

Furthermore, distributors and wholesalers have their network of manufacturers and producers, allowing you to leverage these to get the products you need, even if these are not currently available for retail in your market.

Choosing your partners

Choosing which distributors and wholesalers to partner with is a critical decision that should not be taken lightly. In order to get the most out of these partnerships, here are a few important considerations to take into account.

Before beginning your search for distributors and wholesalers, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your restaurants as well as your specific needs. This will allow you to narrow your shortlist to distributors and wholesalers who can meet your needs.

Next, look at the offerings each company offers. Some distributors and wholesalers provide a specific line of products while there are others who are more than willing to work with you to meet your particular requirements.

After that, check the prices offered by each distributor and wholesaler on your shortlist. Like any other business, restaurants need to make a good profit in order to survive. And a lot of that hinges on the prices of the ingredients.

In some cases, you will discover that you can’t get all your ingredients from a single distributor or wholesaler. That’s perfectly natural. In order to cover all your bases, you might want to consider expanding your search and partnering with multiple companies to meet your restaurant’s needs. The critical thing to remember is that all your partners should be willing to accommodate your requirements.

Finding a reliable partner who can supply your restaurant’s needs is not an easy process. Often, your search will entail a lot of legwork. Fortunately, there are several tools that you can use to get multiple leads for possible suppliers, from referrals from industry colleagues to online searches and even good old visits to your local market.

Although the process can be tedious at the onset, later on, you will be rewarded handsomely with quality ingredients that satisfy your customers’ cravings and increase your resto’s bottom line.


Jad Asaad is the Marketing Manager at Bidfood UAE with more than eight years of experience in digital, online and offline marketing. He started his career in Beirut working in a creative agency and then moved to Dubai to further expand his career. He created and implemented award-winning high-impact digital and offline marketing campaigns that consistently generated revenue streams and improved performance in targeted segments.


Top Steakhouses to try when in Alabama

When we speak of a meal that is yummy and yet fulfilling, steak is something that comes to our mind automatically. Alabama is known to have some of the best joints that serve delicious steaks, these steaks are served not only in rustic cafes but also in fancy heightened places. For all your steak cravings, Alabama has one of the best places like bamboo steakhouse airport blvd mobile al among several others that we would discuss below. Some top steakhouses worth mentioning here are:

  1. Ruth’s Chris Steak house: If you are someone that enjoys a good wine with your steak and prefer going to an upscale place, this is just where you need to be. With a wide variety of wine to select from this is definitely been a favourite among several locals and tourists. This place was founded in the early 1960s and has become so popular that it now has almost 136 outlets all over United states. It may be a little heavy on the pocket but the quality and taste is so worth that extra price.
  2. Legends Steakhouse: Amazing food and extraordinary service is something that this restaurant has to offer. This local chain offers its customers with some of the best comfort foods, steaks and seafood. you can enjoy a very stylish and comfortable sitting when you visit Legends. The best apart visiting this restaurant is that the steaks are priced very economically besides being great in taste.
  3. Outback Steakhouse: If grilled steaks is your thing, outback steakhouse is a must visit. Each day is a new one at this place as flavours are worked on for the best grilled steaks, seafood and chicken. One can enjoy a great variety of salads and soups along with the steaks. The restaurant believes that it is the fresh preparation and good quality produce that has been sourced all through the globe, which makes them standout. You can select not only some of the classic dishes but also a modern take on the classics.
  4. Texas de Brazil: This place is a Brazilian steakhouse that has a wide variety of grilled pork, beef, chicken, lamb and Brazilian sausages. You also have a wide range of salads that you can select with your meal. One of the best things about visiting the place is that it opens door to a lot of vegetarians and also people who are looking for Keto options. The service is great and the quantity of food served is generous which means one is bound to have a great experience here.
  5. Bamboo Steakhouse and Sushi bar: If you are looking for some of the best grilled steaks and sushi, this Japanese steak house, bamboo steakhouse mobile al should be definitely toping your list. The food here tastes amazing and is sure to bring you back once you have visited. This award-winning restaurant is known for its friendly staff and generous portions of food. It is also a great option is you are looking forward for a Hibachi grill.

The next time you are in or around Alabama make sure you find some time to enjoy these great places.

Systems for Restaurants

Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants: A Technological Breakthrough

In our busy daily schedule preparing meals at home has turned out to be an ordeal for working people. Due to time-constrains it becomes difficult and a time-consuming affair to prepare home-made meals on daily basis. People find it easier to dine in restaurants or have lunch at a cafeteria, order home delivery or take away lunch or dinner. It saves time, and due to current technological advancements in food industry, the entire affair of food ordering, delivery has been made easier.

The (POS) Point Of Sale systems in cafes and restaurants have brought about a huge modification in the domain of food business. The high-end technologies help the managers of restaurants to provide better services to the customers, catering a greater number of customers in less time. These systems are equipped with updated software and hardware that help the salesperson to take orders easily. The customers also can give easy orders through restaurant table-tablets. These tablets show them the digital menu in an elaborate way. The menu can be customized. By swiping the touch screen customers can look up their favourite dishes listed under different categories like, starters, main course, desserts, chef’s choice, beverages etc. They can simply click and order, avail special offers or discounts by adding codes.

Using the Point Of Sale systems the managers of cafes and restaurants can keep track of the ups and downs in their business. Top restaurant point of sale systems help the managers to have a closer look into what kind of demand they are dealing with everyday, and bring variety, such as

  • Low-price dishes.
  • Combos
  • Most loved dishes.
  • Special discount for students.
  • Special choices of beverages.
  • Seasonal dishes

Apart from these, Point of Sale systems also enable the restaurant managers to track the customers by noting their personal address, email id, contact numbers, the dishes they prefer most. They provide the top tablets where the customers can rate the service offered at the restaurant, write comments and suggestions that help managers to understand the need of the customers and to improve service from their end.

Besides, the restaurant managers also get a clear picture of the performance of individual employee, their work-speed, and customer ratings on their service and manners. These systems show them the recent status of the ingredients left in the inventory after the preparation of each order so the managers can restock all the food ingredients in time. Keeping track of daily expense and income becomes easy and hassle free. The profit calculations become only a matter of a click on the computer screen. Information regarding the restaurant can be seen clearly on the computer screen. The invoice of every order, tax calculations everything becomes a cakewalk.

Same goes for the customers. They swipe the tablet menu, select food clicking on them, pay online through net banking which gives them a pleasurable and trouble free experience every time they order food. They can track the delivery person’s journey route in case of home-delivery. So all of this turns into a time- saving and super easy way of filling the bellies in this fast-running world.

Ultimate Dinner Party

Top 5 Tips for The Ultimate Dinner Party

For many of us, hosting a dinner party is an intimidating job. It requires a lot of effort as well as time for making complete arrangements for hosting a dinner party. Right from planning your guest list to selecting a menu and ensuring things remain in place all the while, you would need some tips for party catering London.

While hiring reliable service of dinner party catering or handling the things yourself with some assistance from the professionals can let one embrace complete fun with a relaxed attitude.

Create the right atmosphere: You can one spot where you add a warm colour on your table. The food you are going to serve would be warm, and using colourful towel or trivet under a dish of your choice would create a warm ambience. You can add to the look with simple things like lighting up some Mason jar candles!

Select the right menu: Generally, there should be at 6 people in the party. It is a good idea too if your guests bring something on their part. You can take charge of preparing the main dish or dishes. Basically, the menu you choose for your dinner party would be based on the number of people you are inviting.

Setting the table: Certain styles may have a major influence on you, like a traditional classic style of setting tableware. On the other hand, some of us would rather prefer using a modern style with a minimalist approach. Here decorating with hints of gold, black and white or bold colours can help. One can choose to incorporate one’s personal preferences with the chosen style while setting the table.

While certain people prefer flower arrangements, others may use less conventional choices like succulents in the setting the decorations of the table. Colourful flowers are a versatile choice.

Preparation for hosting the party: It is not only important to prepare for great dinner time, but things should be pretty manageable after the gala time. Ensuring that you have cleared up dishwasher prior to starting the party would give you peace of mind for doing the dishes and having them clean at the end of it all. Apart from this, the trash-can should also be emptied before the party commences.

Play tasteful music: Do not shy away from playing your favourite dinner party music from your iTunes collection. Apart from choosing some of the kindred collections, make sure you have a low volume so that it is convenient to talk with friends. Music is going to lend the right spirit and fill in the gaps between your meaningful conversations.

With these simple tips, you can host an ultimate dinner with excellent party catering London.

Italian Restaurants

5 of the Best Italian Restaurants in London

For any foodie, London is one of the best cities in the world to visit with its countless restaurants and eateries that lines its historic streets. If you’re thinking of visiting anytime soon, you’ll have plenty to choose from when you’re ready for a bite to eat.

There are hundreds of Italian restaurants across The Big Smoke, so if you’re a fan of Italian food, make sure to check out our selection of the best restaurants next time you visit the city.

Bella Cosa

Canary Wharf


Located in the business capital of London, Canary Wharf, Bella Cosa serves a variety of traditional dishes with a modern twist, presenting beautiful dishes that you’ll love. From classic pizzas and pasta dishes to tempting seafood plates, there is an array of delicious and tantalising items on the menu for you to choose from.

With views across the South Dock of Canary Wharf, the restaurant itself provides an excellent setting for a meal out with friends, family or coworkers. You can enjoy the main dining area or hire out the private dining room.




Morso is painfully cool so is naturally located in the coolest borough of London, Camden. You can choose from a selection of small plates as well as exciting Grappa cocktails and Italian wines. With authentic ingredients and freshly-made pasta dishes, you get a real taste of Italy when you dine at Morso.


City of London


Right in the heart of The City of London you’ll find the charming Mangio, where they serve authentic and freshly made pasta that gives you a true taste of Italy. Mangio brings the incredible taste out of high end restaurants and makes it accessible to anyone, whether they’re grabbing a quick bite on their lunch break or looking for the best kind of fast food before exploring the city.


St. James’s


Established over 70 years ago, Franco’s offers a traditional Italian feeling to the streets of London with its authentic menu and delicious dishes using the best ingredients including pastas and bread which are made fresh in-house. As one of the first Italian restaurants in London, you will feel as though you are getting a little history when you dine at Franco’s.




This family-run restaurant was established in 2006 by Italian brothers, Albert and Tini. the restaurant itself offers a relaxed, family atmosphere, all whilst serving fresh and authentic Italian dishes that cut no corners and give you a real ‘no-frills’ taste of Italy. The restaurant offers fantastic value for money, making it the perfect venue for any occasion, such as a family evening out or a quick lunchtime bite.

When visiting London, you will be spoilt for choice when looking for somewhere to eat great Italian food. Whether you’re looking for a cheap eat or fine dining, there is something to suit everyone, so why not try one of the above restaurants and find the perfect taste of Italy in the London?