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Wine Making Kits

Things to Know About Best Wine Making Kits

Making perfect wine is an art, and it will always be. Even though it was reserved back in the day only to winemakers that had years of experience, nowadays, you can find a winemaking kit and enjoy homemade wine with ease.

Most of us agree that wine depends on grapes and their taste. However, in the last few years, the kit wines became prominent and quality improved enough so that everyone can make it by following a specific guide.

Apart from the idea that you will be able to start doing it yourself, by getting a kit, you will be able to make wines from different places all around the world.

Remember that you can find limited choices when it comes to US domestic wines without the kit. It is challenging to start a vineyard because that requires plenty of time and effort.

On the other hand, you can find the best wine making kits available at any time of the year. They are sourced from different regions including Portugal, Spain, France, Australia, California, and other more refined tastes that will provide you peace of mind and additional enjoyment.

At the same time, you can go for a specific style instead of the country, such as ice wines, late-harvest wines, and even sparkling ones.

A Brief History of Wine Kits

DIY winemaking entered the market in ‘70s when the high-end kits started in California. Most manufacturers provided 70% grape concentration, while the state regulations required at least fifty-one percent.

It means that the Chardonnay kit comes with 70% from pure Chardonnay grapes.

Therefore, you should have in mind that the higher the content is the better the character you will get when you make it. Since Californian concentrated wines were better than Europeans, it became widely recognized and popular all across the globe.

The combination of packaging with cutting-edge companies fueled the need for freshness and quality, among other things. For instance, in Canada, only small portion of wine was from kits. However, today, the number is reaching 12%.

It is vital to remember that preparing a kit wine requires fewer efforts than doing it with fresh grapes. At the same time, it is a cheaper solution, and you do not need to purchase additional equipment such as crushes, destemmers and presses that are necessary for fresh grapes.

If you wish to make a five-gallon batch, you will need approximately at least ninety pounds of grapes, which means that you will need between $100 and $400 based on the grapes you wish to get.

The best way to learn more about homebrewing is by clicking here.

On the other hand, kits will provide you the same yield, and you will spare up to $100 based on your preferences. Since most kits feature all additives that you need, the recipe is simple to follow, and you will get predictable results.

Of course, everything depends on your taste, but you can add more concentrate in case you enjoy grander and bigger wines. You will be able to choose the best taste possible, which can be problematic with fresh grapes.

If you wish to start doing this particular hobby, finding a high-quality kit is the best way to start learning the art of winemaking. That way, you will be able to upgrade your knowledge before you reach the point of creating a vineyard.

How Should You Start?

You can choose four primary types of wine kits, such as partially concentrated grape juice, fully concentrated grape juice, and kits that combine concentrate and juice.

This particular approach will allow you to make any wine you enjoy. The only difference between these four types is that the pure-juice kit does not require additional water. Remember that these kits are most expensive when compared with other types.

Grape concentrates means that you will get grape juice without water, which means that you should add water and in some cases, sugar to start with the process.

Have in mind that if you wish to make partially concentrated kit, you will need much more water, which is why you should follow instructions.

You should follow this guide:, and you will be able to make wine from a kit in no time.

It is important to remember that price goes hand-in-hand with the purity of a kit you wish to get. Therefore, pure juice kits are most expensive than other types. Before you make up your mind, you should think about the recipe you want to follow.

Therefore, we recommend you to check online for the best recipes because that way you will find the kit that features specific additives you need to achieve a particular taste.

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Iced Summer Drinks

The Most Refreshing Iced Summer Drinks

Scorching hot days call for a crisp, revitalising cold drink to quench your mounting thirst. You would be wrong to assume that drinking an ice-cold beverage will cool your body temperature down – although it is a common misconception. Scientists have concluded drinking hot and cold drinks has the same effect on body temperature – which is surprising. What a cold drink does is give the placebo effect of cooling down and makes you say, ‘ah, that’s better!’.

With your ice at the ready, you can make these simple and easy, refreshing iced summer drinks in a flash!

Summer Inspired Iced Tea

Iced tea is a sweet, delicious treat, perfect for the days when you can’t beat the heat. Traditionally served over ice and sweetened with syrups or fruit – there are now hundreds of variations to select. Fresh, cold-brewed iced tea is incredibly easy to make- so avoid instant mixes and powders!

If you’re looking for a taste sensation, try cherry blossom speciality tea. The luxurious blend of delicious Japanese green tea combined with peony petals, rose petals, and fresh cherries produces an exquisite flavour – one you’ll crave every day.

To make a basic iced tea, you’ll need:

  • Ice
  • Tea bags
  • 2 tbsp of caster sugar
  • Honey
  • 3 lemons- 2 juiced and 1 of them sliced
  • 2 Oranges- 1 juiced and 1 of them sliced
  • Mint
  • Large Jug

Combine 5-6 tea bags with 1.5 litres of boiling water and honey. Then, pop it in the fridge for 10 minutes to allow the flavours to infuse. Put the tea into the large jug and add your lemon juice and slices, orange juice and slices, and mint. Stir well and pour over ice- it’s as simple as that! Experiment with flavours, such as the cherry blossom, and find your go-to iced tea flavour.

Virgin (Or Not) Piña Colada

A Piña Colada is a holiday vibe sort of drink. The flavours transport you to a white sand beach in Jamaica- total bliss! It’s a tropical-inspired drink typically filled with rum, cream of coconut, and pineapple- but virgin Piña Coladas are just as good. A traditional Piña Colada – a storied drink – will have your tastebuds dancing- it’s the perfect drink for any summer occasion. Here’s what you’ll need to make it:

  • 45mls cream of coconut (or coconut milk)
  • 45mls of Pineapple Juice
  • 15mls of freshly squeezed lime juice
  • Pineapple wedge for the garnish
  • Cherry for the garnish
  • Light rum (if you fancy a cheeky cocktail)
  • Ice
  • Blender

Throw all the ingredients into a blender and blend until it’s a thick, smoothie texture. Piña Coladas are best served in a hurricane glass with a pineapple wedge and cherry for garnish- total holiday vibes!

These refreshing summer drinks promise to rejuvenate you – whether or not the sun is shining. Fruity, flavoursome summer drinks are the perfect substitute for days when water isn’t hitting the spot. Use the two drinks above to fuel experimentation and come up with your own refreshing summer drinks. You can also visit this website to get detailed information about nutritional drinks for the summer seasons which are good for your mental and physical health.

Yaupon Tea

Is It Time For A Change? Tips To Improve Your Yaupon Tea

Yaupon tea is a great alternative to black tea, providing an interesting flavor profile that’s both complex and distinct. However, some people find that their yaupon tea isn’t producing the results they want. Here are some tips for improving your yaupon tea:

Get the right equipment.

A high-quality teapot (preferably porcelain), strainer and teacup are essential for brewing yaupon tea correctly. Where to buy yaupon tea set? The better quality your equipment, the better your tea experience will be.

Use fresh leaves

Fresh leaves are better than old leaves. If you store your yaupon in a glass jar or other container without sealing it up, then it’s likely that some of the leaves will dry out and become less potent over time. You can buy new leaves from any online store that sells yaupon or make sure to purchase them from someone who has just harvested them themselves in order to ensure that they’re still fresh and potent.

Use more leaves: The more leaf you use per cup of water, the stronger your tea will be. If you’re using less than one tablespoon of leaf per cup of water, double up on your next batch and see if it makes a difference!

Improve Your Soil

Your soil is an important part of the growth cycle of your Yaupon tea plant. It’s what nourishes the roots and helps them thrive. If you’re using poor-quality soil, it may be time for a change!

Improve Your Watering Schedule

Watering your Yaupon tea is one of the most important things you can do to help improve its health and vigor. If you don’t water enough, your plants may suffer from drought stress or die completely due to lack of nutrients in their environment. If you water too much, however, this can lead to root rot or other problems with the plants’ roots system as well as other symptoms like leaf curling and wilting.

Improve Your Fertilization Schedule

Fertilization is another area where some improvement may be needed if your Yaupon tea plant isn’t thriving as well as it could be despite good watering practices and healthy soil conditions. The best way to know if fertilization is necessary is by testing the soil with a pH meter or another type of soil testing kit

Benefits of Yaupon Tea:

-Boosts metabolism

-Lowers cholesterol levels

-Improves cognitive function

-Reduces risk of cancer

​ What Is Decaf Tea And How Is It Made?

Decaf tea is a popular beverage that can be enjoyed by anyone. It’s made from the same herbs and plants as regular tea, but they’re processed in a way that doesn’t produce caffeine. Everyone wants to know how is decaf tea made ?

Decaffeinated teas are made by steaming the leaves or buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, which produces the caffeine in regular teas, then capturing the vaporized caffeine before it has a chance to enter your cup. This process can be repeated several times to remove more caffeine from the leaves and make sure that no trace remains in your final drink.

There are two different methods for removing caffeine from tea: solvent extraction and CO2 extraction. Both methods use chemicals or solvents to help draw out all of the caffeine from the plant material and leave only decaffeinated tea behind. Solvent-based decaffeination involves using chemicals like ethyl acetate or methylene chloride, which are potentially toxic if consumed on their own (although this risk is mitigated when they’re used on food products). CO2-based decaffeination uses carbon dioxide gas instead of harmful chemicals to strip away caffeine molecules from tea leaves, which means there’s no chemical residue left behind in your final brew!


Coffee Brands For You To Try In 2020

Over the years, a cup of coffee in the morning has become the norm for all, around the globe, before a person –

● Faces mundane morning meetings

● Head on over to the convenience store to get groceries or

● Complete mundane chores in their home!

This post is dedicated to all those caffeine lovers out there who never feel tired when it comes to completing their quest for that perfect cup of coffee. The following sections of this blog will discuss a few coffee brands that every coffee lover should try in 2020.

Let’s get straight to it then!

The espresso selection from the master UK blenders, The Coffee Officina!

One of the best coffee roasting company hailing from the UK is The Coffee Officina!

Their best selling product is the Espresso Selection which consists of the Fiori, Brill & Unico blend.

The package includes three of the aforementioned blends in 200-gram bags!

The company has been running successfully since 2013 and is hailed for its ethically sourced coffee and state-of-the-art coffee roastery workshop.

In case you are looking for a cup of espresso that has the best texture, aroma and flavour, go for this with your eyes closed!

Organically grown, whole bean coffee from Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is undoubtedly one of the best coffee roasting companies out there! It is no wonder that it found itself being mentioned in the early sections of this post!

One should try their organically grown, whole bean coffee. It is a well balanced and smooth blend that is medium roasted.

The product is grown by small coffee farming cooperatives hailing from countries like –

● Latin America

● Africa and

● Asia.

The product is certified organic by USDA and also carries with its name fair-trade-certification. It is a ridiculously delicious coffee that leaves a feel-good vibe in the person drinking it, with every sip!

This blend has a malty flavour of this, with light notes of chocolate and almonds – minus the acidity and bitterness!

Blended coffee from the house of Stumptown Coffee Roasters

This is a product of Portland and has been successful in achieving a cult-following among coffee enthusiasts, worldwide!

Its flavour is deep and at the same time, smooth and rich! It is a blended coffee that is a result of coffee beans sourced from countries like –

● Indonesia

● Latin America and

● Africa.

After brewing a cup and taking a sip, one can enjoy the dark chocolate and citrus notes that can easily sweep even the veteran coffee tasters off of their feet!

Super Crema Blended Coffee from Lavazza

Lavazza is one of the best selling and most loved Italian coffee brands that makes the best mild roast coffee blend. It is a hit among people who love espresso!

The best product from the company is the Super Crema Blended Coffee that is the result of Arabica beans from Colombia and Brazil as well as India mixed with robusta beans imported from Vietnam and Indonesia.

The company sources its coffee beans ethically. It is a Rainforest-Alliance as well as USDA-organic certified product.

Brew a cup and one would lose their senses in the creamy, mild and light to medium tone of the coffee.

Furthermore, the coffee leaves a mixed note that would consist of –

● Honey

● Almonds and

● Dried fruit – minus the acidity and bitterness of traditional espresso special blends!

Coffee has been a part of society since time immemorial. If you think that a few products need honorary acknowledgement here then be sure to mention the names of them in the comments sections below!


A Guide to Food and Drink Pairing

There is nothing more blissful than achieving the perfect balance of your favourite drink with a great meal. Yes, pairing food and drink is the most heavenly combinations! That being said, achieving the perfect balance is never easy. You may have enjoyed it in parties but, you may not know what types of food would go best with a particular drink. When it is done right, you are guaranteed to a wonderful dining experience at the Harrington’s bar and grill restaurant.

Mastering the art of pairing takes time, but by applying general guidelines, you will be able to enjoy your meal when you are dining at the Harrington bar & restaurant.

Consider the alcohol level and sweetness

You must consider the alcohol level of the beverage you choose before ordering one. Most of the times, the level of alcohol won’t be a big issue but when you order something spicy, ensure to avoid drinks that are high in alcohol as they make the dish taste more spicier. Alcohol turns up the heat when the dish is spicier. So, have a beer or try something a little sweet. If the food is delicate, choose a drink that has a low alcohol level to achieve the balance. The trick is to identify the key flavours in your food and pairing it with the right beverage.

Whether you are serving up something with a spicy grill or hot stir-fry, the touch of sweet goes a long way to reduce the heat of the dish and taste better. A rum and coke or lemon drop drinks tend to rank high when you are eating spicy dishes.

Select drinks that contrast the flavours in your food. But, makes sure it blends well as too much contrast could overpower the other element. A balanced contrast can bring out good things in both food and drink. Wine is often considered the perfect drink. But, you could also include a cocktail and pair it. In fact, cocktail pairing is trending as you can match bold flavours with soft foods and vice versa.

Match the cuisine

It is always a good idea to choose a drink that matches the cuisine. Tequila goes well with Mexican and brandy with French cuisine. However, Whiskey, Vodka, Beer, and Rum are good choices for most pairings.


If it is your first cocktail dinner, try pairings on a small scale. If you are at the Harrington’s bar and grillrestaurant, browse and explore their menu and choose the right drink that blends well with your food.

When it comes to food and drink pairing, there are no right or wrong methods. You will experience a few bad pairing while you learn. Both food and drink are supposed to be enjoyable. So, just go for it. A quick Google search of “bar and grill near me” gives you many results. Choose the right bar and restaurant that offers a range of food and drinks.

How to choose a wine to give in 6 steps

How to choose a wine to give in 6 steps

Wine can be an excellent gift. It works for any occasion and is perfect to share with friends, family members and people of our professional circuit. We present a guide of 6 simple steps to choose the perfect wine.

You will surely find many occasions to give a bottle of wine. It is a timeless, classic and tasteful gift. But sometimes it is a headache to choose the perfect wine among so many options. That is why I want to present a 6 step guide that considers the most relevant aspects of your Wine Design. So not only will you give a bottle, but also many smiles.

1. Who is the gift for?

Without a doubt, the easiest thing is to give someone your favorite wine. So we are not wrong. But no matter how close the person is, we do not always fully know their tastes. Even more, if you have to buy a bottle of wine for an acquaintance or work colleague this information will support us a lot.

The style of wine we choose depends directly on the recipient of the gift. Young, active and outgoing people will enjoy more a fruity, floral wine, with a rich bouquet.

2. Price level

Here you have to pay attention to the occasion of the gift. Naturally for a Saturday roast, a meeting of friends, a celebration between colleagues or a social visit, you can choose a wine of moderate price, while for a marriage anniversary, someone’s birthday or university graduation, you can opt for a Luxury wine that shows all our respect and affection.

3. A wine for the collection?

If this wine is for immediate consumption during the year or if the person who is going to receive it has a wine cellar and collects labels, it will mark our choice.

In specialized stores, you can ask the sommelier for recommendations and buy a young vintage wine to store it, or a mature harvest so that the person can enjoy it even on the same day they receive it.

4. Flavors indicate the gift

If you know the person well or ate together in a restaurant, you have another important indicator. For example, if this person likes oriental food a lot, you can choose a Carmenere, a glass of sparkling wine or a bottle of sweet wine like Late Harvest.

On the other hand, if you prefer meat and enjoy a good barbecue, you can surely give away a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Syrah.

Finally, if you are a fan of fish or shellfish, it is best to opt for a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay.

5. Something special

Another way is to select a wine with a unique name or that will mean something to the recipient. Several wines have a good history behind their name, origin or label.

6. A geographical touch

If the recipient has a favorite country or region, that can be a great gift idea. Suppose this person loves the sea and has enjoyed an excellent summer season in New South Wales. In this case, a wine from this region will remind you of the good moments of your trip.

It maybe that this person has a very definite taste for some denomination, such as a strong fidelity to wines.


All You Need To Know About Australian Coffee Culture

Regardless of where we come from, there’s one thing we all have in common. That’s drinking coffee. Whether you prefer it in the morning or afternoon, in company or alone, sweetened or bitter, we can all agree that coffee is something we can’t go without. The culture is widely spread and accepted. In places such as Australia, that’s even more evident. After all, with so many cultures in Australia, it is basically a microcosm. By observing its coffee culture, we can observe the glimpses of other cultures while also witnessing the creation of something entirely new.

1. Coffee with friends

As with many other countries, drinking coffee here is considered a social activity you should do with your friends and family. When you go to Australia and meet a local, you should definitely ask them to go get some coffee if you want to be friends with them. They’ll show you their favourite café and you’ll be on your way to making a new friend.

Drinking coffee might be the favourite pastime of many locals. That would explain the abundance of cafes all around. Being so laidback and relaxed, it’s almost logical to assume Aussies would prefer such a mild and calming activity. After all, what’s better than enjoying a cup of fine coffee with someone you love?

2. Growing coffee

The Down-under likes coffee so much they grow it themselves. The fact that Australia grows Arabica beans may be unfamiliar to many, but it’s still true. You can find the fields in Queensland and New South Wales, where the temperature is most suitable for coffee beans. The warm climate greatly helps the growth and ensures the quality of the coffee.

You’ll recognize authentic Australian coffee by its sweet and nutty taste, as well as a medium body. Another fact many are glad to know is that the coffee is mostly organic. In most cases, coffee farmers have no need to use pesticides, delivering you cups of pure and healthy coffee like you’ve never tasted before.

3. Uniqueness

Australia loves being unique when it comes to their coffee. This is where you see the influence of all those cultures really come forward. Most cafes are independently owned, meaning that Aussies don’t really pay a lot of attention to coffee chains. This also means that each café looks very different. The items on the menu are various, too. Thanks to the design, you can see the personality of the owner as well as the people that come in.

This means you’ll be able to experiment with coffee like never before. Even if you thought you knew everything about a certain type of coffee, Australian cafes will show you that you haven’t even begun discovering the possibilities. Through coffee, you’ll also get to know the locals in those cafes and see if their tastes match the tone of the café. Finally, you’ll be able to find just the right café to match your tastes which will make you feel at home.

4. Coffee in the office

Australia’s coffee culture notably expands to the office environment more than the average country’s. the custom is as important to employers as it is to the employees, which might explain the reason they pay attention to quality so much. Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth coffee machines will all be newer models with various coffee options.

After all, coffee provides the perfect opportunity to mingle and get to know your coworkers. You spend half of your day with them, so you might as well get to know them. This is all in the interest of building team spirit and creating harmony. We can see that coffee, once again, brings people together and gives them common ground they can connect on.

5. Quality is everything

Even if the coffee turns out to be more expensive than you planned to spend, if it’s of the highest quality, you have to buy it. Making your own simple cup in the morning won’t suffice anymore, either. Everything is worth that perfect cup- waking up earlier, and even walking further just to get to your favourite café.

No matter how laidback Australians may seem, they take their coffee seriously. To ensure your day started on the right note, you really have to give it your all coffee-wise. It all comes as a price of thinking of coffee as a way of life.


As you can see, Australia is very colourful when it comes to the way they drink coffee. They might not be as traditional as some other countries, but the beauty is in the creation of something entirely new on the grounds of something entirely familiar. When you do visit Australia, you’ll be able to freely participate in their customs and even add something personal to the mix.


How to pick the best wine for any occasion

Finding good wine for every occasion can be quite difficult owing to its vast varieties. However, if you possess the necessary information about wines, then selecting the perfect bottle will become straightforward. When you are browsing through wine collections online, the detailed description related to the flavor, attributes of the wine, and the origin of the grapes make picking a bottle easy.

Here are the elemental characteristics of wine which will help you to pick the perfect one for every occasion:

Pick a flavor:

While choosing wines, you should have a clear understanding of the flavor you are looking for: sweet, spicy, tart, bold or even mild. It will help you to limit your wine preferences. You will often find the terms ‘dry’, ‘sweet,’ or ‘semi-sweet’ on the label of the wine. Dry wines do not possess any sweetness. You can get Wine Gifts Delivered directly to the venue of the occasion.


When you are picking a wine bottle for an occasion, it is better to choose wines with low acidity because of their rich taste. Wines which have high acidity tend to have a sour taste.


Alcohol content:

If the alcohol percentage in the wine is high, it shall warm the back of your mouth and neck. If the alcohol percentage is low, there will be a minimal burning sensation, and it will subside quickly. The alcohol content is measured in the percentage of alcohol by volume. It can range from 5.5 percent to 20 percent. However, most wines consist of about 11 to 13 percent of alcohol.


They are phenolic compounds which are found in the skin of grapes. If the tannins are naturally included in the process of winemaking or added during aging, the wine shall taste bitter. Tannins have the quality of drying out the mouth because of which its level is mistaken for the ‘dryness’ of the wine which defines the level of sweetness of the wine. Since the process of making red wines includes tannins, it has a drier and more bitter finish than other wines.

Wines are also categorized into having a light body, full body or between the two categories. The ‘body’ of the wine can be described as how light or heavy it is in your mouth. You can find excellent quality wines for every occasion at Sparkling Direct.

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What to Look For In the Perfect Wedding Menu

Finding the perfect wedding menu is an extremely hard task but you can turn any menu into the perfect one for your special day with the ten tips stated below (ref: Weddings At Tiffany’s Menus):

  • Stick to the budget

Establish your budget and strive to stick to it. This will help your chef or caterer to be innovative and compromise accordingly. Knowing your budget will also help you plan for the serving style, the number of dishes to be served, and the number of guests to be catered to.

  • Timely preparation and bookings

Most of the best service providers including chefs and caterers need to be booked early to avoid disappointment. While some venues provide an in- house chef, confirming your presence in time will give you flexibility in choosing the chef and the food products.

  • Consider Dietary Restrictions and Allergies

Though it is hard to cater for everyone’s special dietary requirements, there are a few basic ones that must be considered on the menu. Dishes for vegetarians or vegans, gluten or diary free eats or certain allergies should be taken into consideration.

  • Match the menu style with the wedding theme

The style of the menu will greatly reflect the theme throughout the reception. Whether to settle for a formal gourmet dinner or casual dining will be determined by the theme of the wedding ceremony, the caliber, and the number of guests invited.

  • Keep it Local and Seasonal

To have a steady and premium supply of products, concentrate on having the bulk of the menu items as locally grown and fresh products which will taste better and resonate well with the bulk of the guests.

  • Don’t Skimp on the Portions

The food should always be enough. Having too little food will leave a bad impression on your guests and ruin what would otherwise have been a perfect wedding. Make an allowance for any extra guests coming in as you can never be sure of who will or will not turn up.

  • Steer away from some risky foods

While experimenting with your menu is a great idea, there are some foods that you should avoid including on the menu as they can cause food poisoning to certain guests. These include foods like raw meats, unpasteurized diary, exotic meats or extremely spicy foods.

  • Add Personal Touches

Sharing a meal is a personal experience and you can make it more memorable by adding a few personal and special touches, for example, you can include an item that holds special memories for you and use it to tell the story of your courtship.

  • Have variety of dishes

Having a variety of dishes to cater for the different tastes of people is a good idea. Do not go overboard though and try to stick to foods that will please the majority of your guests, keeping in mind different factors like age and origin of your guests, and day and season of the wedding.

  • Be innovative in food presentation

Presentation of the food is as important as its taste. Ensure that the caterer is aware of your preferences, and make an allowance for creativity. Think outside the box or scout for unique ideas on presentation. This can be used to cover up any mishaps in the kitchen.


Give the Gift of Great Coffee

As gift-giving season looms on your calendar, consider a novel approach rather than the same outdated go-to present ideas. Often, we chose to bestow mountains of gift cards on our friends, family, and colleagues, and while these are safe and useful presents, they can easily suggest a loose grasp on understanding what our loved ones care about. Studies show that Americans largely appreciate gifts that are quickly and easily utilized. So this year, give the gift of coffee, a gift with spirit that shows both thoughtfulness and utility.

Coffee drinkers abound in the United States and beyond, and coffee gifts appear on more wish lists every year around the globe. Coffee is a fantastic gift, with millions of Americans who drink it throughout the day while at work, and it’s the perfect way to kick-start someone’s morning.

The Growing Online Gift-Giving Marketplace

Online gift-giving is at an all-time high. At the close of 2016, eight in ten Americans shop online, and more than half of them use their phones for these transactions. Accordingly, you’ll find a dizzying array of guides explaining how to procure the most thoughtful gifts online without going through the trouble of actually being thoughtful. You owe it to yourself and your friends to cut through this noise and learn more about the people you bestow your appreciation on. A recent study shows that nearly three in four respondents had enjoyed a cup within the previous 24 hours. Coffee drinking habits are also readily apparent — you know who drinks it regularly and you can be sure they’ll appreciate a new flavor in their mug the next morning.

Follow in the Footsteps of Greatness

Some of history’s most celebrated thinkers bathed their ideas in coffee. Theodore Roosevelt was known to consume about a gallon of the drink per day. The French philosopher Voltaire drank an absolutely astounding 40 to 50 cups of coffee per day. And Thomas Jefferson kept a steady stockpile of a modest 50 pounds of beans at any given time.

These are but a few names of prominent coffee lovers. You are in good company when it comes to gift giving, since these drinkers enjoyed sharing caffeine almost as much as they enjoyed drinking it.

Give Them a Gift They Will Actually Use

All too often we receive meaningless trinkets as gifts. It’s only slightly better when we’re given something thoughtful yet devoid of function in our busy lives. You can avoid this by giving your loved ones something you can be sure they’ll use every day. If your neighbor, partner, or cousin is one of those aforementioned millions of coffee drinkers, your addition to his or her cabinet of coffee beans will not go to waste. And if it’s an especially new and exotic bean, it may go straight into the pot. So don’t be alarmed when you get a phone call asking where you found such a great flavor and how to get more of it.

Coffee is a highly prized part of the day for countless Americans. Giving the gift of coffee is easy as well. It takes a simple commitment to knowing where to get good flavors, and the recipient’s email address if you’re buying through a subscription service. Your loved ones do the rest, specifying where they prefer to receive the new batch of their dietary staple. They’ll appreciate the extra boost in the morning, and you’ll know that you helped give them that extra kick.