What to Look For In the Perfect Wedding Menu

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Finding the perfect wedding menu is an extremely hard task but you can turn any menu into the perfect one for your special day with the ten tips stated below (ref: Weddings At Tiffany’s Menus):

  • Stick to the budget

Establish your budget and strive to stick to it. This will help your chef or caterer to be innovative and compromise accordingly. Knowing your budget will also help you plan for the serving style, the number of dishes to be served, and the number of guests to be catered to.

  • Timely preparation and bookings

Most of the best service providers including chefs and caterers need to be booked early to avoid disappointment.  While some venues provide an in- house chef, confirming your presence in time will give you flexibility in choosing the chef and the food products.

  • Consider Dietary Restrictions and Allergies

Though it is hard to cater for everyone’s special dietary requirements, there are a few basic ones that must be considered on the menu. Dishes for vegetarians or vegans, gluten or diary free eats or certain allergies should be taken into consideration.

  • Match the menu style with the wedding theme

The style of the menu will greatly reflect the theme throughout the reception. Whether to settle for a formal gourmet dinner or casual dining will be determined by the theme of the wedding ceremony, the caliber, and the number of guests invited.

  • Keep it Local and Seasonal

To have a steady and premium supply of products, concentrate on having the bulk of the menu items as locally grown and fresh products which will taste better and resonate well with the bulk of the guests.

  • Don’t Skimp on the Portions

The food should always be enough. Having too little food will leave a bad impression on your guests and ruin what would otherwise have been a perfect wedding. Make an allowance for any extra guests coming in as you can never be sure of who will or will not turn up.

  • Steer away from some risky foods

While experimenting with your menu is a great idea, there are some foods that you should avoid including on the menu as they can cause food poisoning to certain guests. These include foods like raw meats, unpasteurized diary, exotic meats or extremely spicy foods.

  • Add Personal Touches

Sharing a meal is a personal experience and you can make it more memorable by adding a few personal and special touches, for example, you can include an item that holds special memories for you and use it to tell the story of your courtship.

  • Have variety of dishes

Having a variety of dishes to cater for the different tastes of people is a good idea. Do not go overboard though and try to stick to foods that will please the majority of your guests, keeping in mind different factors like age and origin of your guests, and day and season of the wedding.

  • Be innovative in food presentation

Presentation of the food is as important as its taste. Ensure that the caterer is aware of your preferences, and make an allowance for creativity. Think outside the box or scout for unique ideas on presentation. This can be used to cover up any mishaps in the kitchen.

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