5 Things to Consider Before Buying More Sake

More Sake

Sometimes Sake for beginners might be so appealing that you keep wanting moresake, just like the way you want more water, more soda or more whiskey. Knowing your sake is important, there are over a thousand different Sake brands. So, choosing right is important.

Below are 5 key points you should know before ordering more Sake.

1. Sake Polishing Ratio

This is one of the basic things you should know about Sake. Rice polishing ratio tells you more on the sake you about to order, it’s aroma and flavor. It’s called polishing because before rice can be used to produce Sake, it has to be polished — removing all fats and protein deposited on the surface of the material.

So when you see 80% polishing ratio, you should know it means 80% of real rice without fats and protein. The lower the polishing ratio, the cleaner the rice and the Sake brands will have more fragrant, aroma and flavor.

Want to know more about what polishing ratio is? Click here: https://en-tradition.com/sake/seimai.html

  1. What Type of Rice is Used?The type of rice brewed matters, it tells you 2 things about the sake you about to order, its richness or cleanness. Although over 70 varieties of rice exist which is being used to produce sake, only about 4 varieties appear to produce premium sake.Interested in knowing more on the type of rice and kind of sake it produces? click here.

    Knowing both the kind of rice used and its polishing ratio helps you decide what type of Sake you about to order or you have just ordered.

    3. Sake Brands

Just like the westerner’s wine, you have Scotch, Whiskey and many more. So, Sake also has brand which is easily identified by their labels. Sake brands tell you about the kind of sake they produce — aroma, flavor, and taste.
Make sure you make a proper research before buying more Sake, a well-designed label might mislead you into buying something you least expected.

Check out, “Top Sake brands”, if you do not know of any sake brands before buying more Sake.

4. Origination

This is kind of advance, you don’t necessarily have to know, but knowing about it can go a long way in buying more Sake of your taste.

The origin, where the Sake is being brewed tells you about the dryness, sweetness, richness, and cleanness. Different regions of Japan have peculiar Sake they produce.

North Japan — clean and dry Sake.
South Japan — sweet Sake with savory attributes.

5. Type of Yeast

The kind of yeast being used during fermentation process tells a lot on the aroma and flavor of the Sake.

Some yeast provides you with pure and natural aromas.

There is a lot to know about how yeast helps to give better aroma, read here.

Now, you are fully ready to proceed with your quest, buy more Sake. However, there is a great place you can actually buy more Sake

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