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Antioxidant Juices

Why Drink All-Natural Antioxidant Juices

The word antioxidant gets thrown around quite a bit, and for good reason. Ingredients with these properties are typically rich in nutrients, and much of their popularity stems from the fact they have incredible health benefits.

Given that these are often fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based ingredients, one of the most common ways people enjoy these benefits is by making juices. Antioxidant ingredients are extremely versatile and can be combined with plenty of other ingredients to form some tasty drinks that also have a number of health benefits.

Ingredients in Their Raw Form

When you drink antioxidant juices, you are most often taking in ingredients in the purest form.

Take turmeric for example. It comes from a plant and is widely known for its health benefits, but turmeric in its raw form is the most commonly used for juice drinks and for good reason.

The high-quality juice drinks use fresh and raw ingredients, not only for flavour quality, but also for the nutrients. Turmeric in its natural form is typically more concentrated both in flavour and in nutrient content, so consuming it gives your body access to an entire world of nutrients and compounds it may not experience otherwise. Jamu antioxidant juice drinks, for example, use raw turmeric and ginger in their products, among other ingredients, not only to maximise the health benefits, but also to enhance the drinking experience altogether.

Antioxidant Juice Drinks Are Simple

Too many companies over complicate their drinks by adding ingredients that aren’t at all necessary–especially when you consider much of these additives might be sugar or other harmful ingredients that defeat the purpose of the drink entirely. The key to an excellent antioxidant juice is simplicity, both in recipe and creation.

Antioxidant Drinks Can Be Versatile

Drink it straight, or turn it into a tea. With simplicity in mind, antioxidant drinks can be consumed as they are or combined with additional ingredients for various purposes.

For example, simply add boiling water for tea, or add some water and ice for a refreshing summer beverage. The beauty of an excellent antioxidant drink is your ability to add virtually anything you want to it, such as honey, cider vinegar, lemon juice, or natural sweeteners

Full of Health Benefits

Turmeric, a common antioxidant ingredient, is famous for its health benefits.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Boosts bodily antioxidant acceptance
  • Improved brain function
  • Lowered risk for heart disease
  • Reduced depression symptoms
  • Promotes skin health

Most drinks will contain a handful of other natural ingredients with their own benefits. Not to mention, healthy drinks make you feel better. Compare how you feel after drinking a soda versus how you feel after drinking a refreshing antioxidant juice, and the difference is dramatic.


Health Benefits Of Consuming Coffee

Coffee is the favourite beverage of almost a great majority of individuals all throughout the world. In fact, you can find plenty of coffee addicts in the world and it is believed that the life of coffee addicts has a better efficiency in comparison to the ones that do not consume the same and the reason behind the same is the health benefits of the same. Some of the major health benefits of coffee consumption are mentioned in the below section of the blog in a bit detail.

  1. It helps in burning fat

Plenty of fat burning supplements are available in the market and a great majority of these supplements have caffeine within them. The reasons for the presence of caffeine within these supplements is the high fat burning abilities that caffeine possesses. According to a recent study, coffee can reduce the overall fat burning processes by a percentage of 10% in obese individuals and about 29% in lean individuals.

2. Coffee has plenty of essential nutrients

Nutrients are essential for a proper functioning of human body. A lot of individuals have deficiency of a particular or a number of nutrients and this is the reason why they believe in supplements. Coffee undoubtedly is a type of supplement that is quite helpful in getting over the nutrient deficiency of different types of nutrients. With vitamin B5, B2 and B3 and many more nutrients, it is the best source to get nutrient deficiency treated.

3. It protects from dementia or alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is known to be the most common type of neurodegenerative disease in the world and it is also known to be the cause of dementia. It is believed that the disease affects individuals above the age of 65 but very few younger ones get affected too. There are very few methods to treat this condition, but a preventive method for the same is consumption of coffee.

4. Coffee has protective effects on liver

Liver is one of the most essential type of organs that is required to function properly. There are multiple diseases including hepatitis, jaundice and fatty liver disease which directly affect the liver. A lot of these conditions can lead to an extremely serious condition like cirrhosis, in which the liver gets replaced by scar tissues. It is believed that coffee protects against the extremely dangerous condition of cirrhosis.

5. Coffee consumers have less risk of cancers

Cancer is one of the most fastest spreading and deadly disease in the entire world. Some of the later stages of cancer are incurable and lead people to death. Coffee has the ability to treat two major types of cancer including colorectal cancer and liver cancer. Studies show that coffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer upto 40%. According one of the recent study, 4-5 cups of coffee in a day can lower the risk of colorectal cancer by 15%.

There are plenty of health benefits associated with the consumption of coffee and five of them are mentioned above. It is noteworthy here, that consumption of coffee extracted from best coffee beans also plays a major role in the health benefits as not all coffee beans are up to the mark. Therefore, it is advised to get coffee that is extracted from the best coffee beans.

Drinks, Food,

The Best of Food and Drink in Reading

Reading has no shortage of top quality food and drink on offer, it’s just a matter of knowing where to find it. There’s nothing more disappointing than dolling yourself up to go out for a slap-up meal only to find the food is below par and the atmosphere lacking, which is why it always pays to do your research first. If you’re a foodie planning to take a trip to Reading, here are some of the top spots to hit on the food and wine trail.

Michelin Star Dining

You’d be correct in thinking that there are not many Michelin star restaurants in Reading – in fact, there is only one. This is why L’Ortolan is a must try on any food-lover’s foray into Reading’s food and wine offerings. With stylish dining rooms, including an exclusive champagne room, available for private hire this is the perfect spot to celebrate a special occasion. Having retained its Michelin star for over 16 years, along with a whole host of other accolades over the years, you can rest assured that you’ll have an outstanding culinary experience at this charming country restaurant.

Try a Local Brew

Bingham’s Brewery is a tucked away little gem in nearby Twyford, which offers the chance to try out a real local brew in the setting it was made in. You can take a tour and learn about the history of this brewery along with how the brewing and bottling process works, whilst stocking up on some of the freshest beer in town. Take the chance to sample their award winning vanilla stout for a real taste of what this area has to offer.

A Taste of the World

Reading has a great selection of markets offering both local and world food. The Blue Collar Street Food market takes place each Wednesday, providing anything from Peruvian, Spanish and Greek fayre to the only Georgian street food vendor in the whole of the UK! On Fridays, you can return to Reading’s Market Place to check out another street food extravaganza, Chow. Here you will find an equally impressive range of food and drink from around the world to tantalise your taste buds. If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, check out the Reading Farmer’s Market, which takes place on the first and third Saturday of each month. Here you will be treated to an impressive range of local produce, from organic eggs, meats and cheeses to locally handcrafted fudge.

A Very British Winery

Located again in the village of Twyford (we’re beginning to see a boozy theme here!), is the charming Stanlake Farm Wine Estate. With plenty of samples to try along the way, you can embark on a fun and enlightening tour of this beautiful winery which is both unpretentious and offers top quality, award-winning English wine and fizz. To top it all off, the setting is gorgeous as you explore the vineyards and walled gardens surrounding the winery.

The Reading area has plenty to offer when it comes to delicious food and drink, so if you love a hearty meal or a top-quality tipple then this could be the perfect location for your next trip!

More Sake

5 Things to Consider Before Buying More Sake

Sometimes Sake for beginners might be so appealing that you keep wanting moresake, just like the way you want more water, more soda or more whiskey. Knowing your sake is important, there are over a thousand different Sake brands. So, choosing right is important.

Below are 5 key points you should know before ordering more Sake.

1. Sake Polishing Ratio

This is one of the basic things you should know about Sake. Rice polishing ratio tells you more on the sake you about to order, it’s aroma and flavor. It’s called polishing because before rice can be used to produce Sake, it has to be polished — removing all fats and protein deposited on the surface of the material.

So when you see 80% polishing ratio, you should know it means 80% of real rice without fats and protein. The lower the polishing ratio, the cleaner the rice and the Sake brands will have more fragrant, aroma and flavor.

Want to know more about what polishing ratio is? Click here:

  1. What Type of Rice is Used?The type of rice brewed matters, it tells you 2 things about the sake you about to order, its richness or cleanness. Although over 70 varieties of rice exist which is being used to produce sake, only about 4 varieties appear to produce premium sake.Interested in knowing more on the type of rice and kind of sake it produces? click here.

    Knowing both the kind of rice used and its polishing ratio helps you decide what type of Sake you about to order or you have just ordered.

    3. Sake Brands

Just like the westerner’s wine, you have Scotch, Whiskey and many more. So, Sake also has brand which is easily identified by their labels. Sake brands tell you about the kind of sake they produce — aroma, flavor, and taste.
Make sure you make a proper research before buying more Sake, a well-designed label might mislead you into buying something you least expected.

Check out, “Top Sake brands”, if you do not know of any sake brands before buying more Sake.

4. Origination

This is kind of advance, you don’t necessarily have to know, but knowing about it can go a long way in buying more Sake of your taste.

The origin, where the Sake is being brewed tells you about the dryness, sweetness, richness, and cleanness. Different regions of Japan have peculiar Sake they produce.

North Japan — clean and dry Sake.
South Japan — sweet Sake with savory attributes.

5. Type of Yeast

The kind of yeast being used during fermentation process tells a lot on the aroma and flavor of the Sake.

Some yeast provides you with pure and natural aromas.

There is a lot to know about how yeast helps to give better aroma, read here.

Now, you are fully ready to proceed with your quest, buy more Sake. However, there is a great place you can actually buy more Sake

Bars To Visit

3 Fantastically Designed Bars To Visit – Add Them To Your Bucket List

There are a number of things that have to come together to make a fantastically designed bar. Depending on the person making the list it could be a number of different features. The interior design of any bar can make or break it, just as much as what is being served over the counter and the customer service.

Being able to create an amazing interior is an art in itself, and there are designers around the world that do a fantastic job. When it comes to designing a bar, there are literally hundreds of factors to bear in mind. What kind of style is trying to be achieved? Can beauty be achieved as well as function? Can safety regulations be met easily? Will staff be able to perform their duties in a bar with an out of this world design?

Let’s look at three bars, located around the world, that have been able to hit the nail on the head. If you’ve got a bucket list, make sure you add them and go and visit.

Giger Bar, Switzerland

There are two locations to choose from if you want to experience the ultimate in bar design. One is located in Chur, Switzerland and the other in Chateau St. Germain, Gruyeres, Switzerland. Both are designed by Swiss artist HR Giger. The interiors are fashioned in a bio-mechanical style that will be familiar for those who have watched the Alien films (for which he was the set designer). The bar in Gruyere is made up of a skeletal structure with double arches made from vertebrae. These criss-cross the ceiling of the ancient castle in which the bar is located. It makes you feel like you’re enjoying a drink in the belly of a gigantic whale.You might also be fooled into thinking you’ve been transported into the future.

Bicycle Bar, Bucharest, Romania

As well as serving a wide range of beverages, this interesting bar also accepts donations of used bicycles and any bicycle related items. The designers of this bar space have made good use of bicycle parts and other vintage items. Rusty pieces of metal have been cleaned and polished to within an inch of their lives, taken apart and put together away in a range of interesting ways.

Electric Bar, Paris, France

This penthouse bar and nightclub was designed by Paris designer Mathieu Lehanneur. It features lighting projectors and cables, hanging from the branches of some very unusual looking black trees. The music area includes sound-proofed music rooms, a terrace outside and a dance floor that looks out over the city.

If you’ve got some great ideas you want to bring to life, Dawnvale will help and advise you on the ultimate designs.


Wine Business Guide

You need to offer your Wine in China ? Take after these Tips

Marking your Wine in China

The brand is a certification of notoriety and quality for the Chinese.

There is a major issue of trust in the Chinese market for imported wine, the Chinese buyer is careful about tricks, counterfeit wine, table wine sold at high cost.


The Chinese customer does not know well the wines and does not know how to perceive a decent wine from an awful one with the mark. There are no real brands of red wine in China, which is a disgrace since Chinese clients connect significance to the brand.

The most effective method to Clarify THE Enthusiasm OF WINE IN CHINA

The picture of wine is evolving.

Five inspirations rise, all connected to the nearby culture and to the development of a white collar class that is simpler and more open to worldwide societies.

Valuable wellbeing impacts. The wine has temperances that the Baijiu, the conventional drink produced using rice liquor did not, for instance.

The impression of unwinding : exceptionally looked for after.

Taste : another flavor increasingly valued.

The well disposed environment made by the utilization of wine

Seen picture : refined and present day

After the Chinese government set up measures to support red wine utilization by propelling the wellbeing contention, Baijiu utilization declined in business and/or party meals (business and socialist gathering being frequently connected ) And was supplanted by the utilization of red wine.


French wines are the most famous on the Chinese market and particularly Bordeaux wines!

Today, France is the main merchant of Bordeaux wines.

It isn’t to no end that numerous Chinese financial specialists come routinely to the locale, to visit the regions and perceive how to build up an association.


Lafite Rothschild is the most well known wine on the planet in China. For sure, it is a gigantic preferred standpoint to be the reference mark in a marked market.

The Chinese interest for Lafite has pulled the costs of each of the 2009 primeurs up.

There isn’t a wine that has a superior picture in China than Lafite Rotschild – “Lafei” – 拉斐.

It is one of the 5 wines named Head Stupendous Cru as indicated by the official order of Bordeaux wines from 1855. It imparts this sobriquet to Château Latour, Château Haut Brion, Manor Margaux and Estate Mouton Rotschild, the last having joined this club incredibly shut in 1975.

Particularly LAFITE AND WHY ?

Since it is the most costly.

Without a doubt, in business suppers in China, one demonstrates the regard that one has at his visitors at the cost of the container. Chinese customers have normally swung to the dearest with no genuine learning of wine.

In the event that the cost of Lafite expands more than the other first incredible vintages is that it is more asked.

The proprietors of the Lafite scope of Bordeaux wines offer at phenomenal costs in China essentially in light of the fact that they have the enchantment word Lafite on the name.

For instance, a Bordeaux base in 2005, with the name of Lafite, is at 950 RMB (around 123 €) on the wine list, not at all like a Château Mouton Rothschild which may be 350 RMB (45 €)

Lafite Rothschild have been exceptionally mindful to the Chinese market. The child of Noble Eric de Rothschild is contemplating Mandarin and they likewise have a decent Chinese site.

Need more data require an Organization to help you ?


Wine Branding

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Have You Sampled Barbera Wine

If you have not yet sampled Barbera wine, you must give this drink a taste. Barbera is a red grape Italian wine. In fact, the wine is the third most-planted variety of its type in Italy. It follows Sangiovese and Montepulciano in rankings. The grape produces excellent yields and is known for its rich red colour, high levels of acid, and low tannins.

Therefore, wines made from the Barbera grape are frequently depicted as being medium-bodied with a solid acidity. Flavours are suggestive of spice and red cherries. The barrel-aged types of Barbera are fuller-bodied as well as pricier.

Some Suitable Pairings

If you wish to pair this wine, experts at such wine retailers as Hard To Find Wines suggest that you match up the wine with the following entrees:

  • Braised chicken and peppers
  • Roasted pork and mango glaze
  • Lentils and chicken sausage

A Reasonable Price

This type of wine, which is normally medium to high in acidity, is considered a dry wine with respect to sweetness. It contains a medium amount of alcohol. Connoisseurs of the wine often buy this Hard To Find Wines product at a reasonable price. Usually, you will not spend over £18 for the selection.

Barbera Wine from the Carneros Region in California

Whilst the Barbera wine is grown in Italy, the version featured by retailers such as Hard To Find Wines comes from the Carneros region in the Sonoma and Napa valleys of California. The California version features scents of berry fruit with plum notes. When tasting the wine, you will notice a hint of rich cherry and blackberry, which is balanced out by a medium tannin structure and toasty yet sweet French oak.

Other Delicious Food Pairings

Indeed, this is an excellent California wine to also pair with such foods as pasta in cream sauce, white fish that has been grilled, creamy risotto, and tomato-based foods or sauces. This particular wine also works well with roasted pork, all styles of chicken dishes (except for spicy), and pizza. The acidity in the wine cleanses the palate of the fat in dishes with sauces.

Grilled White Fish and Barbera

When paired with white fish, you will note that the Barbera is not overpowered by the food. Also, when you drink the wine with tomato-based dishes, the acidity in the tomatoes tempers the acidity in the Barbera. As a result, the more delicate flavours are noted when eating a tomato-based dish.

Growing and Harvesting the Barbera Grape

The Barbera grape is well-suited to warm climates and prospers well in soils that are sandy or fine. Usually, the fruit ripens late. Therefore, the grape cannot be grown in places where winter arrives early. That is why this type of grape can be grown in California. Whilst the grape displays a thin skin, it does develop a lovely blue-violet hue.

Although the Barbera grape is best known in Italy and California, growers are now harvesting the fruit in such locales as Chile, Australia, and Argentina. Many award-winning versions of the Barbera wine have been produced in California. If you enjoy red wine, you will want to add this wine to your list of selected vintages.


An Easy and Delicious Way To Start The Morning

Everyone drinks coffee in the morning (Okay, maybe not everyone), it’s warm and it gives you that boost of energy you need on a Monday morning. The downfall to coffee is having to prepare it, who wants to measure beans when they first wake up? No one. Imagine waking up on a Monday morning, needing that extra push to jump start your day the right way and all you have to do is sit your mug down by the coffee machine and push a button. This is where any Keurig Pods come in.

All you do is take a pod, put it in the machine and hit brew. It doesn’t get any easier. They come in a variety of flavors, not only do they have a ton of choices for coffee but they have more. They have Teas. They have Hot Chocolates. They even have pods for the common cold. Set up could not be easier, fill the machine with water, put in your choice pod and wait. You can even set a timer on some models so your coffee is brewed and waiting for you before you even get out of bed. They’re also easy to clean which everyone knows is a major plus because the only thing worse than waiting for your coffee to brew in the morning is having to clean out the machine before and after.

Now that we’ve been through all of that, take a second and think about how much you spend on your current coffee, think about how long it lasts and how many brews you get out of it. Now take a look at the products and brands of coffee Keurig is offering and spot the difference. Keurig is offering you name brand pods at a cheaper price and letting you buy it in bulk so you only need to restock every few weeks. There’s even variety packs you can buy so if you don’t know what you like you can test the waters (or coffees and teas), or even if you just want to try something new you can get a variety pack. Some even come pre-creamed and sugared so you don’t have to worry about adding anything extra while also making it more portable if your work place has a machine accessible that you can use.

Who can argue with that? Start your work day off with some coffee, at lunch graduate to tea and at the end of the day if you’re feeling up for it, some hot chocolate! So do you really need to be convinced anymore? You should at least be considering it by now. Unless you aren’t a fan of warm drinks, you should own one of these machines and from now on say goodbye to tired mornings and waiting on your coffee machine to start brewing, say goodbye to not having the right creamer at the ready, and say goodbye to starting your day off wrong.


Enjoy Your Coffee without the Queue

It may be a bit intimidating to watch a barista make his or her way across a large coffee setup, creating drink after drink with a flurry of hand motions, but the process is far simpler than you think with the right machine. After all, these men and women are merely people who love coffee as much as you do and it can take no more than a single day to learn all of the many hidden secrets to be found in an espresso machine. Huntingdon is home to a large number of cafés and coffee shops but there is nothing quite as exhilarating as waking up each morning to find that you can skip the traffic and the queue and still enjoy a fresh hot cup of your favourite beverage.

Safe Time

True with any coffee machine in your home, you save hours of your time each week by simply brewing your own espresso in your Huntingdon house. By the time that you climb into your car or onto your bike, ride to the café, queue, order, and then receive your coffee, you will have been forced to get out of bed up to an hour earlier than you truly needed to just to have caffeine and a great drink. Take back that time for yourself, get a bit more rest after a long day, and then get up and watch your own private cup of coffee brew itself.

Infinite Choices

Unlike a coffee shop, which probably does not have more than a few variations in coffee brand, type, and strength, you could bring home an espresso machine in Huntingdon from Simply Great Coffee and truly make something unique every single day. Nearly every continent in the world is known for a particular type of coffee and you could fill your home with any number of different styles and tastes so that each new cup is a fresh flavour. Even the time of the year can change the type of coffee available, making it clear that the best option for any coffee connoisseur is to simply bring home his or her own machine.


There are some who make great coffee a passion and although you may or may not share the same interest, there is something rewarding in gaining new knowledge in an area. Once you bring a machine from Simply Great Coffee home, you will learn more about coffee simply by drinking it more often and trying different options on occasion. Over time, you may yet begin to notice the difference that different grind sizes, the amount of coffee, time, and more can make on the flavour and delicacy of a great cup of espresso and you are free to experiment again and again until you find the coffee ideal to your tastes.

In addition, you can find materials online easily that will outline the different types of coffee and how to make many surprisingly simple specialty drinks. You may use this newfound talent to impress your friends or you may simply keep the secrets to yourself to enjoy some delicious drinks in your own quiet home.

Coffee Makers

How To Check The Best Reviews of Coffee Makers

The competition is increasing in every field including the product market. Everyone wants the best and does not want to compromise with the quality of the products they buy for their family. Comparing provides idea about the best products to be purchased out of the list of available products and thus it is very important to have the best comparison before purchasing anything. One such product is coffee maker, something that is needed in all modern household. You can always check the reviews and compare between products before you actually make a purchase.

Checking the websites for reviews

While you are checking the websites of the company for the review of a specific coffee maker, you will mostly find positive reviews. The company has a reputation to keep and it will not give out anything negative to the users. However, some reviews will always be genuine in the website and for that you have to concentrate on the mechanism of the product. You have to check if there is proper review about the operation of the product and then you will be sure.

How to find the correct comparison?

While checking for comparison, you can check websites that compare products of different company in the same forum. This will give you an actual idea about the coffee maker that you want to buy. The reviews are often given by experts who have used the coffee maker all by themselves and then started giving the review. This is easy to understand and good to trust. The idea is not quite vividly used but can be the best way of checking a review. One such website is which is known for its honest reviews. Check the list of products and find the best choice of coffee maker for your household. You would never hate to trust blindly.