Tea Journey’ magazine Kickstarter campaign an overwhelming success

Tea Journey

Tea Journey magazine, a new publication that has been described as “one of the greatest new developments in tea journalism,” recently received over $100,000 in funding via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The magazine is the brainchild of tea journalist and connoisseur Dan Bolton, who enlisted the aid of top tea experts, writers, publishers and translators around the world. Each 150-page issue contains unique content originating in the lands that the tea is produced in, interviews with tea masters and tea growers, profiles of tea craft and tea ware artisans, plus more.

Bolton is continuing to gain funding for the magazine. Those who weren’t quick enough off the mark during the Kickstarter campaign are still able to pledge, and will receive an exquisite tea and their name listed as a Charter Subscriber in the inaugural issue of Tea Journey magazine for doing so. This is causing quite a stir, with tea enthusiasts rushing to take advantage of this opportunity.

The success of Tea Journey on Kickstarter indicates that large numbers of tea drinkers are dying to find out more about their favorite hot beverage in all the forms it takes around the world. The magazine has been tipped for big things. It looks set to help share experiences from every corner of the globe, and unite tea lovers in their pursuit of rarest, most unusual, and most flavorsome teas.

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    Tea Journey magazine launches Kickstarter campaign

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