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Everyone drinks coffee in the morning (Okay, maybe not everyone), it’s warm and it gives you that boost of energy you need on a Monday morning. The downfall to coffee is having to prepare it, who wants to measure beans when they first wake up? No one. Imagine waking up on a Monday morning, needing that extra push to jump start your day the right way and all you have to do is sit your mug down by the coffee machine and push a button. This is where any Keurig Pods come in.

All you do is take a pod, put it in the machine and hit brew. It doesn’t get any easier. They come in a variety of flavors, not only do they have a ton of choices for coffee but they have more. They have Teas. They have Hot Chocolates. They even have pods for the common cold. Set up could not be easier, fill the machine with water, put in your choice pod and wait. You can even set a timer on some models so your coffee is brewed and waiting for you before you even get out of bed. They’re also easy to clean which everyone knows is a major plus because the only thing worse than waiting for your coffee to brew in the morning is having to clean out the machine before and after.

Now that we’ve been through all of that, take a second and think about how much you spend on your current coffee, think about how long it lasts and how many brews you get out of it. Now take a look at the products and brands of coffee Keurig is offering and spot the difference. Keurig is offering you name brand pods at a cheaper price and letting you buy it in bulk so you only need to restock every few weeks. There’s even variety packs you can buy so if you don’t know what you like you can test the waters (or coffees and teas), or even if you just want to try something new you can get a variety pack. Some even come pre-creamed and sugared so you don’t have to worry about adding anything extra while also making it more portable if your work place has a machine accessible that you can use.

Who can argue with that? Start your work day off with some coffee, at lunch graduate to tea and at the end of the day if you’re feeling up for it, some hot chocolate! So do you really need to be convinced anymore? You should at least be considering it by now. Unless you aren’t a fan of warm drinks, you should own one of these machines and from now on say goodbye to tired mornings and waiting on your coffee machine to start brewing, say goodbye to not having the right creamer at the ready, and say goodbye to starting your day off wrong.

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