How to pick the best wine for any occasion


Finding good wine for every occasion can be quite difficult owing to its vast varieties. However, if you possess the necessary information about wines, then selecting the perfect bottle will become straightforward. When you are browsing through wine collections online, the detailed description related to the flavor, attributes of the wine, and the origin of the grapes make picking a bottle easy.

Here are the elemental characteristics of wine which will help you to pick the perfect one for every occasion:

Pick a flavor:

While choosing wines, you should have a clear understanding of the flavor you are looking for: sweet, spicy, tart, bold or even mild. It will help you to limit your wine preferences. You will often find the terms ‘dry’, ‘sweet,’ or ‘semi-sweet’ on the label of the wine. Dry wines do not possess any sweetness. You can get Wine Gifts Delivered directly to the venue of the occasion.


When you are picking a wine bottle for an occasion, it is better to choose wines with low acidity because of their rich taste. Wines which have high acidity tend to have a sour taste.


Alcohol content:

If the alcohol percentage in the wine is high, it shall warm the back of your mouth and neck. If the alcohol percentage is low, there will be a minimal burning sensation, and it will subside quickly. The alcohol content is measured in the percentage of alcohol by volume. It can range from 5.5 percent to 20 percent. However, most wines consist of about 11 to 13 percent of alcohol.


They are phenolic compounds which are found in the skin of grapes. If the tannins are naturally included in the process of winemaking or added during aging, the wine shall taste bitter. Tannins have the quality of drying out the mouth because of which its level is mistaken for the ‘dryness’ of the wine which defines the level of sweetness of the wine. Since the process of making red wines includes tannins, it has a drier and more bitter finish than other wines.

Wines are also categorized into having a light body, full body or between the two categories. The ‘body’ of the wine can be described as how light or heavy it is in your mouth. You can find excellent quality wines for every occasion at Sparkling Direct.

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