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As gift-giving season looms on your calendar, consider a novel approach rather than the same outdated go-to present ideas. Often, we chose to bestow mountains of gift cards on our friends, family, and colleagues, and while these are safe and useful presents, they can easily suggest a loose grasp on understanding what our loved ones care about. Studies show that Americans largely appreciate gifts that are quickly and easily utilized. So this year, give the gift of coffee, a gift with spirit that shows both thoughtfulness and utility.

Coffee drinkers abound in the United States and beyond, and coffee gifts appear on more wish lists every year around the globe. Coffee is a fantastic gift, with millions of Americans who drink it throughout the day while at work, and it’s the perfect way to kick-start someone’s morning.

The Growing Online Gift-Giving Marketplace

Online gift-giving is at an all-time high. At the close of 2016, eight in ten Americans shop online, and more than half of them use their phones for these transactions. Accordingly, you’ll find a dizzying array of guides explaining how to procure the most thoughtful gifts online without going through the trouble of actually being thoughtful. You owe it to yourself and your friends to cut through this noise and learn more about the people you bestow your appreciation on. A recent study shows that nearly three in four respondents had enjoyed a cup within the previous 24 hours. Coffee drinking habits are also readily apparent — you know who drinks it regularly and you can be sure they’ll appreciate a new flavor in their mug the next morning.

Follow in the Footsteps of Greatness

Some of history’s most celebrated thinkers bathed their ideas in coffee. Theodore Roosevelt was known to consume about a gallon of the drink per day. The French philosopher Voltaire drank an absolutely astounding 40 to 50 cups of coffee per day. And Thomas Jefferson kept a steady stockpile of a modest 50 pounds of beans at any given time.

These are but a few names of prominent coffee lovers. You are in good company when it comes to gift giving, since these drinkers enjoyed sharing caffeine almost as much as they enjoyed drinking it.

Give Them a Gift They Will Actually Use

All too often we receive meaningless trinkets as gifts. It’s only slightly better when we’re given something thoughtful yet devoid of function in our busy lives. You can avoid this by giving your loved ones something you can be sure they’ll use every day. If your neighbor, partner, or cousin is one of those aforementioned millions of coffee drinkers, your addition to his or her cabinet of coffee beans will not go to waste. And if it’s an especially new and exotic bean, it may go straight into the pot. So don’t be alarmed when you get a phone call asking where you found such a great flavor and how to get more of it.

Coffee is a highly prized part of the day for countless Americans. Giving the gift of coffee is easy as well. It takes a simple commitment to knowing where to get good flavors, and the recipient’s email address if you’re buying through a subscription service. Your loved ones do the rest, specifying where they prefer to receive the new batch of their dietary staple. They’ll appreciate the extra boost in the morning, and you’ll know that you helped give them that extra kick.

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