How to choose a wine to give in 6 steps

How to choose a wine to give in 6 steps

Wine can be an excellent gift. It works for any occasion and is perfect to share with friends, family members and people of our professional circuit. We present a guide of 6 simple steps to choose the perfect wine.

You will surely find many occasions to give a bottle of wine. It is a timeless, classic and tasteful gift. But sometimes it is a headache to choose the perfect wine among so many options. That is why I want to present a 6 step guide that considers the most relevant aspects of your Wine Design. So not only will you give a bottle, but also many smiles. 

1. Who is the gift for?

Without a doubt, the easiest thing is to give someone your favorite wine. So we are not wrong. But no matter how close the person is, we do not always fully know their tastes. Even more, if you have to buy a bottle of wine for an acquaintance or work colleague this information will support us a lot.

The style of wine we choose depends directly on the recipient of the gift. Young, active and outgoing people will enjoy more a fruity, floral wine, with a rich bouquet.

2. Price level

Here you have to pay attention to the occasion of the gift. Naturally for a Saturday roast, a meeting of friends, a celebration between colleagues or a social visit, you can choose a wine of moderate price, while for a marriage anniversary, someone’s birthday or university graduation, you can opt for a Luxury wine that shows all our respect and affection.

3. A wine for the collection?

If this wine is for immediate consumption during the year or if the person who is going to receive it has a wine cellar and collects labels, it will mark our choice.

In specialized stores, you can ask the sommelier for recommendations and buy a young vintage wine to store it, or a mature harvest so that the person can enjoy it even on the same day they receive it. 

4. Flavors indicate the gift

If you know the person well or ate together in a restaurant, you have another important indicator. For example, if this person likes oriental food a lot, you can choose a Carmenere, a glass of sparkling wine or a bottle of sweet wine like Late Harvest.

On the other hand, if you prefer meat and enjoy a good barbecue, you can surely give away a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Syrah.

Finally, if you are a fan of fish or shellfish, it is best to opt for a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chardonnay.

5. Something special

Another way is to select a wine with a unique name or that will mean something to the recipient. Several wines have a good history behind their name, origin or label.

6. A geographical touch

If the recipient has a favorite country or region, that can be a great gift idea. Suppose this person loves the sea and has enjoyed an excellent summer season in New South Wales. In this case, a wine from this region will remind you of the good moments of your trip. 

It maybe that this person has a very definite taste for some denomination, such as a strong fidelity to wines.

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