5 Delicious Cockroach Recipes You Must Try


Over the years and in the recent past, restaurants that serve dishes with pests as their main ingredient have become increasingly popular. Pest-aurants, as they are called, can be more easily found in countries like China, Japan, and South Korea. Everyone has their own opinion; it is not necessary that you will find deep fried cockroaches delicious. Nonetheless, here are some of the very best dishes to try if you’re into this kind of things.

  1. Fried Roach: this dish is perhaps the most common dish in all of the cockroach recipes. To get the best outcome possible;
  • Collect your cockroaches and gather them together into a bag. Ensure that the bag is sealed and put it into a freezer for a little over 5 minutes. This allows you to make sure the cockroaches are dead.
  • Take out the cockroaches and then wash them to get rid of the dirt they are carrying with them. Once washed, dry the group by spreading them on a sheet. Use a paper towel to speed up the process.
  • Once done, take out a frying pan, pour a reasonable amount of olive oil and heat.
  • Pour the cockroaches onto the pan and fry until they seem to turn brown and crispy.
  • Now move onto the dressing. Filter out the oil and turn off the heat. Then, pour some sugar and soy sauce.
  • Stir the mixture until the sugar turns into caramel, take it out on a plate and you’re ready to serve.
  1. Roach Stir-Fry: This dish comes second in line. To get the best results, use of American cockroaches is preferred. Collect about 8 cockroaches, an onion, green pepper, rice (according to your needs), ginger powder, oil, and some salt.
  • Like always, make sure the cockroaches are dead by keeping them in the freezer for a while. Wash and dry them, and make sure to remove both wings and legs of the insect since they won’t be needed.
  • Start boiling the rice.
  • Pour the vegetable oil into a pan and start heating. Simultaneously, add the onion slices and the green peppers; make sure they become crispy.
  • Fry cockroaches separately in a pan until they become brown and crispy.
  • Finally, place the cockroaches on the pile of rice on a plate and serve.
  1. Roach spread: Not much of a dish, but a dressing. This recipe is quite simple and quickly done.
  • Add the cockroaches in vinegar and then boil the mixture with butter, pepper, farina flour and a pinch of salt. This process will result in a paste.
  • Spread the paste onto a bread as you would spread jam.
  1. Roach Burrito: To get a deep fried cockroach burrito, you will need to;
  • Get a number of cockroaches and remove both their legs and wings.
  • Make sure to wash the cockroaches well.
  • Fry the insects along with either chicken or beef.
  • Finally, add the rest of the things you would normally do.
  1. Cockroach Fondu: Who doesn’t enjoy fondu? Now, let’s try a cockroach fondu.
  • Take out the wings and legs of the pest and wash their bodies.
  • Boil them for at least 10 minutes and then serve them with a chocolate dip.

Many other dishes of cockroaches are available, you can try them at the Pest-aurants around you.

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