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5 Vertical Farming Innovations That Could Revolutionize Agriculture


Vertical farming is the in thing in today’s world and it is the kind of farming you can do even if you are in an apartment. After all, you don’t need to have 100 acres of land to farm. All you need is you and a couple of vertical farming ideas that I will be sharing within with you in a jiffy. The world is changing at a very fast rate and we can only do as much as we change with it.  Here is what’s new in the farming industry.

  1. Aeroponics

Did you know that you can grow plants without soil and with very little water? Yes, that’s right, plants without soil. This has been made possible and is a quickly spreading trend where all you need to start it off is the compartment and water which you will induce with vitamins and minerals after all that is all that a plant needs to grow. This is a concept that was introduced by NASA to try and grow plants in space. At this point, I can only say that the future seems brighter.

  1. Hydroponics

Vertical farming has gotten quite interesting, as scientists have proven that apart from providing support, all other functions of soil can be substituted by growing plants in water. This system will require water in a hydroponics system that is a fully sustainable system with all the requirements for a plant to grow. I never thought people would stay clean while farming but this is actually possible. Vertical farming gurus such as Pure Greens LLC have the best-mechanized systems to work within the industry. They actually cover all there is in the industry including even freighter farming.

  1. Aquaponics

Imagine a system where plants and fish cohabit and they support each other not only to save space but also in the feeding cycle. Fish produce waste that is very high in nutrients and the plants will feed on that using their roots and in return, the plants purify the water. This is a very genius idea as it is much cheaper and this allows for nature to take care of its own.

  1. Aerofarms

From the word Aerofarms you can at least predict that it involves this system being on a suspension. This is one of the few systems that you can actually control your harvest. It is environmentally friendly and at the same time cheap and save space. This kind of system incorporates the use of LED lighting, cloth medium and mineral solution. This system is one of the few that actually allows one to grow plants without both soil and sun.

  1. Verticrop

Being in an urban area does not mean that your dream of being a farmer is dead. You can actually use this system to grow crops in the same space as your garage. This system is basically growing plants on shelves. Think of it as a greenhouse where you combine natural light and artificial light and also give added nutrients to the plants. This system has been in operation for now close to ten years.

Farming has never been this cool and have in mind that there are many more of these that you can explore. This answers the question that people ask of how people manage to grow plants in the desert.

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