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8 Secrets To A Successful Corporate Party Planning

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Planning corporate parties is very stressful. There are so many factors to consider and different people to impress that it can be too much for any event organizer. Just because it is a monumental task to accomplish doesn’t mean it cannot be done. Here are some tips that are guaranteed to help you plan the best corporate event of the year:

Tip 1: Determine The Goal Of The Event

The moment a corporate party is assigned to you, ask what the main goal of the party is. A promotional event is very different from a corporate Christmas party and the goal will affect how you plan the rest of the night.

Tip 2: Set A Budget Early

Get a budget from the CFO of the company as soon as possible. Having a budget to work with will allow you to accurately allocate funds for the venue, the corporate party catering company, invitations, and every other aspect that requires money.

Tip 3: Create A Guest List

Who is being invited to the party? Will it be employees only or are guests allowed to bring a plus one. A guest list will help you adjust the cost needed for catering, the size of the venue, and other details that will affect the party.

Tip 4: Get Organized Early

Don’t let any small detail get past you without careful consideration. Everything from the type of table decorations to the corporate giveaways should be inspected as early as possible. This is only accomplished if you start organizing everything right away.

Tip 5: Follow Up Constantly

Confirm with your vendors, again and again, to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Call up the venue, the entertainment, the corporate party catering company and re-confirm all the details. This way no one can give you an excuse of a mix up on the day of the event. Even if this looks a little too aggressive, you will thank yourself when everything you need for a successful event shows up on time.

Tip 6: Get Ready To Multitask

Party planning will require you to juggle too many things at once and you have to be prepared to handle everything. Concentrate on the task at hand and schedule everything. The best way to get through all the planning necessities is to have a schedule and to follow it!

Tip 7: Always Have A Backup

Not everything you want or planned for will go the way you expect. When it comes to corporate party planning, something is bound to go wrong. This is why it is important to have a backup ready. If the venue fails, always have a second option and always order a few extra servings of food just in case.

Tip 8: Have Fun!

Don’t let yourself get lost in the stress of party planning. When the event is finally picking up and everything is going great, enjoy the fruits of your labor. There is no doubt that you deserve a night of fun, just like all of your guests.

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