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Catering For the Ultimate Pizza Party

Pizza Party

How to Get Catering Your Large Party with Pizza Just Right

Pizza is by far the most popular party food. It’s easy to see why…everyone from children to adults loves this triangular treat. Plus, having your party catered by local pizza caterer is far less stressful for you than cooking. Sometimes, we just want to enjoy our guests rather than cook, serve and worry about getting it all done flawlessly.

If you’re looking to cater your next big group get-together with pizza, here are a few tips from Hot Stones Pizza Caterers that will lead to a better experience for you and your party:

Get a Head Count

It’s not just for budgetary reasons, but for your sanity. Because if you order too few pizzas for your group, people will be hungry and no one wants hungry guests. Nothing is worse. You’re better off with extra. You can always freeze it for later use (wrap it in freezer wax paper and then wrap it in foil) or send it home with your guests. Of course, you don’t want to have too much extra or that’s not good for your wallet. Figure out how many people will attend and then you can work it out from there. A good rule of thumb is to order one pizza per every 3 to 4 guests. If your guests are all children, unless they are high school or college-aged, you will likely need less pizza.

Get More Slices Per Pie

When it comes to catering pizza for a group of small children, for no extra charge, you can request that your pizzeria slice it into 12 slices instead of the typical 8 slices. Or just cut the slices in half yourself when it arrives. In this way, you’ll waste less pizza.

Pick the Toppings Everyone Loves

Cheese pizza, especially with extra cheese, is a sure crowd-pleaser. It’s friendly for meat eaters and vegetarians alike and will make everyone happy. For a large group, variety is always nice so go ahead and order a few different kinds, but make sure plain cheese is the most abundant.

Plan Ahead

Most pizza places will need advance notice to make sure your pizza is hot and fresh when you pick it up or when they deliver it. So call ahead and speak to the manager about your plans. If you’re ordering over 20 pizzas, it’s a good idea to see how large the oven capacity is at your favorite pizzeria. If they can only make 20 pizzas at a time and you want 30, some of your pizzas could wind up cold by the time you serve them.

Don’t Forget the Sides

While pizza will always be the star of the show, don’t forget about the supporting cast of sides. This will also ensure that there is plenty of food, especially if you underestimate the hunger of your guests or extra guests make an appearance. Chicken wings, breadsticks, even dessert pizzas are all welcome additions to a party line-up. You can order sides from the pizzeria or you can prepare your own. Chips and dips, hoagies, sliders and whatever you can think of should do the trick. And above all, do not forget beverages! Soda, water, beer or whatever you want to serve is a must for a successful shindig.

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