Essential Services for the Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

If you manage a commercial kitchen, you will rely on several essential services to ensure your kitchen is always in good working order. All of the major appliances will need regular servicing, and the kitchen area must be deep cleaned on a regular basis, which is easier said than done, but with online services, you can arrange for the perfect schedule (during the early hours) which is about the only time this can be safely carried out.

Grease Trap Cleaning

A commercial kitchen works tirelessly for about 18 hours per day, and if you need grease trap cleaning in Sydney or Melbourne, an online search will bring up a list of commercial kitchen cleaners who will be happy to quote for the job. Typically, this kind of work is carried out during the short period when the kitchen is idle, and with the right machinery, all the grease is sucked into a vacuum and removed from the site. Grease traps don’t take long to fill up, and you should make an arrangement with the cleaning company to carry out regular cleaning sessions, as and when needed. If the grease trap is full, it can cause your kitchen to shut down, so it is important to have the trap cleaned out every 4-6 weeks. This is a specialised job and not one you would want to tackle yourself, and the company that does this type of work are very skilled at carrying out this dirty job without making an undue mess.

Appliance Maintenance

All your major appliances will be heavy duty, and in order to work day in, day out, it is essential to carry out regular servicing. Once you have made contact with a commercial kitchen servicing company, they would work out an agreeable schedule for essential appliance maintenance, which would also include your climate control. Typically, the servicing contractor would work to a contract, which might be as long as 3 years, and during that time, they would log all service calls, and replace components before they reach the point where a breakdown might occur.

Canopies and Ducting

These take the full brunt of the many hours of cooking steaks and consequently, have to be regularly cleaned. This is a very messy job, and without the right equipment, it could really get out of hand. The contractor who does your grease trap cleaning will also be able to handle the canopies and ducting, and would likely use caustic soda or a chemical to break down the thick grease that builds up. This can only be carried out when the kitchen is idle, and the cleaning contractor would be happy to do this during the early hours of the morning, just before the start of the day.

In order for a commercial kitchen to perform, it must be regularly cleaned and all major appliances serviced at recommended intervals, and with a third party contractor to handle this, you can focus on managing the busy daily schedule, safe in the knowledge that the kitchen is being well looked after.

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