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Let’s face it, the general consensus is that junk food is delicious, and that healthy food, well, it kind of sucks. Life appears to be full of cruel ironies of this nature, as it appears that everything that we enjoy is bad for us, and everything that we hate, generally speaking at least, is good for us. When it comes to our diets, we need to ensure that we consume healthy and nutritious produce to help us manage our weight, to improve our health and well-being, to prolong our lives, and to basically ensure that we feel better in the process. Healthy eating however, needn’t simply be steamed fish and chicken, along with boiled veggies and salad, as, if you look in the right places, you can actually find a number of delicious and healthy recipes online. To help you do just that, here are a few useful tips.

Look for “regular” meals – If you browse the web, you’ll find an abundance of healthy recipes online, though upon closer inspection, the recipes you find may not be all that practical. For example, we know that foods such as: wheat grass, quinoa, alfalfa sprouts, mung beans, and wild brown rice are healthy and good for us, but can you honestly see yourself eating those foods and enjoying them? And what’s more, will your local supermarket have them in stock, or will you have to spend a fortune at a specialist health store, or ordering online? When looking for healthy recipes, find recipes that you like the look and sound of, and find recipes that contain practical, healthy, everyday foods, that don’t cost the earth.

Use unbiased sources – Nowadays, we’re swamped by so-called “miracle” diets and supplements that contain powdered ingredients of regular foods, and that cost far, far more than the foods in their whole form. These diet and supplement programs often offer meal plans and recipes on their blogs and websites, yet if you click them, they are unbiased because they are trying to sell you their products. When looking online for healthy recipes, choose unbiased sources that actually do have your health and best interests at heart, rather than your money instead.

Find your favourites – The great thing about healthy eating is the fact that you can easily make healthy versions of your favourite foods, that not only taste great, but actually nourish your body and help you to lose excess body fat in the process. If you enjoy pizza, there are plenty of healthy pizza recipes using ingredients such as wholemeal pita breads, fresh tomatoes, and feta cheese, for example. You can make healthy burgers, healthy lasagne, healthy curries, healthy Asian food, healthy chips, and much, much, more besides. Obviously they won’t taste quite the same, although you may find that some versions you prefer to the originals. If you’re eating your favourite types of foods and using your favourite ingredients, you are less likely to cheat on your diet and fail, which is obviously exactly what you want.

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My name is Lee Edwin. I'm a blogger, writer, and teacher from Florida. I share the best food trends and recipes that help you to stay healthy, slim, and happy.

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