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Following a Good Ketogenic Diet Cycle Improves Fat Metabolism and Reduces Weight

Good Ketogenic Diet Cycle Improves Fat Metabolism and Reduces Weight

Many people are seen struggling to reduce weight but not much difference can be seen. Everyday hundreds of people jog around, pay huge amount of money to gyms still are unable to achieve what they have been thriving for. Have you ever wondered what is it that’s obstructing your way in reducing weight? The answer is your diet.

Normally, people feel if they go on dieting they will reduce weight. Well that can be true to a certain extent. People survive on juices and raw leafy vegetables for months but that doesn’t help them because you not only crave for your favorite food but, also cheat yourself by eating processed food at night. Unhealthy diet like junk foods, preservatives, add extra fat to body which later turns to obesity.

When you’re obese, you get thousands of ailments like, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, bad cholesterol, high blood pressure and so on. Who wants to live like this, but who wants to eat raw vegetable and fruits and survive on it for entire life? That is why you have keto diet that helps you in reducing weight but by enjoying every bite of food. There are many diets that have failed in delivering what actually a keto diet can do. So the question is what is the keto diet and how is it different from others?

It is a diet where you take low carbohydrates to reduce weight. Let me explain it to you this way. When you take your diet regularly, your body generates glucose and insulin to generate energy. When sugar in your body is excess then that glucose turns to fat. If you lower down your ingestion of carbohydrates, then your body will search the other way round to process glucose.

In this scenario, your body converts liver fat to glucose. This process is called ketosis. This means your body is burning fat stored inside, thereby helping you to lose weight. Our taste buds will like what we eat, if we start controlling the amount of carbohydrates in our intake your body will not crave for it anymore.

Here is the finest way to follow a keto diet to make it a success –

  • Never listen to everyone, you will end up with lots of knowledge but no solution, it is therefore good to follow a proper diet where you increase fiber and protein based food and controlling high calorie processed food. It is difficult to stop your craving but you can control the quantity initially.
  • You should keep a balanced diet of carbohydrates, this way you’ll give your body the required amount of carbohydrates. Get a proper idea of foods that are included in keto diet before starting it.
  • Keep a track on the calories that you intake daily with the help of an app. This way even if you crave someday to eat more, you will not increase your calorie diet.
  • To avoid the intake of high calorie food, keep only food that is included in keto diet at your home, plan your diet chart beforehand so that you prepare everything and remove ice creams, chips from shelves that is easier to munch when you’re extremely hungry.

Initially it might be tough to stop everything instantly. You might get furious, hungry and feel low because your daily routine of unhealthy diet is missing. To remain optimistic, always read success stories related to keto diet, which will encourage you to follow it diligently.


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