How To Decide Birthday Party Menu For 10-Year-Old

Decide Birthday Party Menu For 10-Year-Old

Planning a birthday party menu is not a simple task. You need to consider a whole lot of factors such as the popularity of a snack among kids, snacks that can be prepared in advance, choosing less spicy snack items, selecting dry snacks that can be easily managed by small children and much more.

Some popular snack items that most children like are cheese popcorn, noodles, sandwiches, dosa, pav bhaji, chips, cookies, cake, burgers, pizza etc. that you must consider keeping on the menu. Here are some factors that can help you in deciding the birthday party menu of your 10-year- old child

Dishes That Can be Prepared Ahead: If you have to single-handedly arrange the party, including the food, it is important to think of a dish that can be prepared ahead, and a long presence in the kitchen will not be required to serve the food . Snacks such as sandwiches, burgers or noodles can be prepared well ahead.

Snacks Served Fresh with the assistance of house help: If you have domestic help, you can certainly keep some popular snack items on your birthday party menu that can be served fresh. Some such food items are phuchka, pav bhaji, chop, cutlet, fish fry etc. Pav bhaji is not difficult to prepare and is appetising. Go through the pav bhaji recipe and prepare the masala veggies ahead. Before serving, your helper can just toss the buns in butter and serve it hot with the masala veggies.Try to Serve Dry Snacks: Choosing dry snack items is essential that small children can manage without making a mess. Some such menu items are dosa, idli, dry Hakka noodles, chips, cookies, popcorn, various types of sandwiches, pizza etc.

Decide on the Spice Levels: While deciding on snack items for children in the age group of 8 to 10 years of age, you have to be attentive to the extent the food is spicy. Some children in that age group would prefer spicy food, whereas most prefer medium spicy or non-spicy.

Choosing Accompaniments: When you have selected various snack items, make sure to choose just a few common accompaniments that can go with all the chosen snack items instead of arranging for a broad range of snack items, each requiring a specific accompaniment.

For instance, if you plan to arrange for dosa, idli or vada, you can easily serve it with just one type of accompaniment, that is coconut chutney.

There are various types of dosa you can include in the menu from the plain dosa to masala, Rava or moon dal, oats, neer, ragi, chana or cheese dosa. Recipes of all types of dosas from jowar, bajra to Rava dosa recipes are available on the Internet. Decide on the type you want to make and prepare the batter after checking out the recipe well ahead of the party.

Checking out the above-mentioned factors would be of some help to you in deciding the snack items you should plan to keep on your child’s 10th birthday party menu. Though throwing a birthday party is not a cakewalk, planning and deciding on the food menu with a lot of thought and consideration and ordering the cake well ahead can help you successfully execute the event.

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