Top 7 Foreign Recipes the Whole Family Will Love


Want something different and new to feed your family for dinner tonight? How about something exotic and zesty with a little bit of heat for the spice seekers of the group? Listed below are 7 of my favorite exotic, spicy dishes of all time.

  1. Spicy Korean Beef Noodles. These noodles are a favorite among kids and adults alike. It is basically ramen noodles with a kick. You pan sear some sliced steak pieces in a butter sauce topped with red pepper flakes and curry. You then just put the beef mixture over ramen noodles and garnish with some parsley to create a delicious, spicy dish.
  2. Chicken Xacuti. This flavorful Indian dish is absolutely breathtaking, both figuratively and literally sometimes. It is a little spicy but spice can be adjusted based on how much is added. The spicy mixture can be made using curry powder, ginger, tumeric and chili powder all of which can be found under the Indian Spices section of ShopAtDean.
  3. Spicy Chicken Skillet Recipe. Spicy skillet chicken can be made into whatever you want it to be which is why it is so great. You can add some chili powder and red pepper flakes to create a spicier mixture, or keep it simple and just stick to a little pinch of paprika to add the spice.
  4. Grilled Pork Chops with a Spicy Mango Chutney. This dish is a fan favorite for people who really appreciate Indian cuisine. Basically you just grill the pork chops in butter and then add the mango chutney on top or on the side depending on how you want to serve it. The chutney can easily be made using vinegar, onions, ginger, turmeric and sugar. You can also make it a little more spicy by adding a little red pepper or diced scotch bonnet peppers.

5.Tandoori Chicken. This recipe is really easy and also very delicious. The key to this chicken recipe will be the marinade. Make sure you marinade it overnight in a yogurt sauce, with desired amount of spices and it will turn out juicy and flavorful every time. In Indian culture the tandoori chicken is typically baked in a clay oven to create a perfect sear every time, they are then placed onto a skewer for service.

  1. Spicy Jerk Chicken Wings. This is a really simple recipe that the whole family will love. You buy the chicken wings of your choice, and put them into a slow cooker with your jerk seasoning, garlic, onion and pinch of salt to create a delicious jerk flavored wing that can be as spicy as you’d like. Serve them with a side of fries or even a Caesar salad to make it a complete delicious meal for the whole family.
  2. Authentic Indian Stir Fry over Rice. This dish is perfect for all families because not only is it delicious but it is also vegetarian. You can mix a nice blend of vegetables together in a frying pan, and then add your own indian spices to dress it up. Turmeric, curry, ginger, cumin and garam masala are all prime examples of spices that go great with Indian cuisine.

Your family will love these seven exotic recipes, and they are both easy to make and delicious. Go ahead and add a little spice to your life and try one tonight, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Lee Edwin
My name is Lee Edwin. I'm a blogger, writer, and teacher from Florida. I share the best food trends and recipes that help you to stay healthy, slim, and happy.

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