4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Marquee Wedding

Marquee Wedding

Traditionally, when we decide to get married in the UK, we opt for a church or chapel to tie the knot. For the wedding party afterwards, a hotel is generally the place of choice but we overlook other options like a marquee to celebrate our big day. Everyone has their wedding in a hotel, but you should want your wedding to be different and to be remembered and having your reception in a marquee is the first step to a wedding that no one will ever forget. There are many great reasons to choose a marquee and we will look at some of them here.

  1. You Decide The Venue

If you choose a hotel, then you have to go there, but with a marquee, you only need to find the space for it and it can go almost anywhere you want it to. Maybe there is a location where you first met and fell in love in a park or in the countryside or somewhere right beside the British coastline would be perfect for your big day.

  1. You Choose Your Own Caterer

Because you get to choose who cooks for you, you also get to decide what you want to eat. In a hotel setting, the menus are always the same. You can either have turkey and ham, lamb or chicken with the same boring vegetables. With a marquee and your own chef, you are open to many culinary possibilities like BBQ, roasts, pizza ovens and many more and you can hire all this catering equipment in York and create a menu, your guests will love and remember for years.

  1. You can Work Within Your Budget

A marquee wedding and reception allows you to have great flexibility when it comes to the money you want to spend. You get to choose the location, the chef, the decoration, the bar and the florist and having this much control allows you to work within your limited budget. You also get to choose how many people come to your event and you are not restricted by size like you would be in a hotel banquet hall. If you want to have additional guests then the marquee can be added to, so you can do that easily and with the minimum of fuss.

  1. You Design The Marquee

Marquees are made to be flexible and so you get to decide the shape and area the marquee will cover. You can design the marquee according to the location you have chosen and if it is by the sea for example, you can have all the windows of the marquee facing towards the ocean. This way you get to bring the outside in and your guests will love it. You need to see the marquee as a canvas that you get to paint as you decide themes and colours.

With a marquee wedding, you get to decide when the party ends and starts. You are not restricted by opening and closing times and your guests get to celebrate your big day right into the early hours of the next day.

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