Perfecting Your Fish and Chips: Be Sure to Partner with a Reputable Fryer Repair Specialist

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Although the exact origins are in dispute, it is believed that fish and chips were first prepared together some time in the late 1850s; in any case, this particular meal has come a long way since its humble beginnings when it was regularly served up in old newspapers and ink-ridden weeklies.

As a matter of fact, UK consumers eat nearly 400 million portions of fish and chips each year and, as you might imagine, this creates a serious strain on our food service industry’s fryers and broilers.

So if you’d like to ensure that your culinary appliances are operating at peak efficiency throughout the year, it’s in your best interests to partner with one of the reputable fish and chip fryer services in Yorkshire.

Regular Maintenance Is Imperative

Upwards of 8,000 people are seriously injured in kitchen fires each year and hundreds are killed due to faulty cooking appliances and electrical implements. In fact, more than 20% of kitchen fires around the UK are directly attributed to malfunctioning fish and chip fryers.

Additionally, a neglected fryer will reduce the lifespan of each batch of oil and considerably decrease the quality of your food, which will inevitably cause you to lose repeat customers.

How Can My Local Fryer Specialists Help?

Simply by contacting a dexterous fryer expert in your proximity, you can book a comprehensive yet cost-effective service:

  • Gas tightness tests
  • Professional disassembly to pinpoint any functionality issues
  • Cleaning your duct range, pilots, and burners
  • Replacing wires that have been damaged by heat
  • Upgrading your thermocouples and gaskets
  • Obtaining gas safety certifications and insurance documentation

All it takes is a single service call to enhance your appliances and ensure a safe work environment so make the call at your earliest convenience.

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