• Why choose frozen fish?

The health benefits

There is a widely held misconception that all things frozen are unhealthy. This, especially in the case of fish, is simply untrue.

Fish is an invaluable source of protein and vitamins, notably vitamins D and B. Also, it is rich in calcium and essential minerals such as iron and potassium.

What’s more it is very low in fat!

In short, fish is an extremely healthy food source.

Frozen fish retains nutritional benefits and, of course, its wonderful array of tasty flavours and textures.

What’s more, there’s no wastage, take out of the freezer the exact amount and type of fish desired; maybe cod today or perhaps salmon? Frozen fish allows you to be more flexible with your meal planning.

Fish has long been hailed as a food with almost mystical and magical qualities. Fish has been accredited as a ‘life saver’; good for the function of brain, kind to the heart and general wellbeing of mankind.

All evidence tends to support these claims; in the meantime, sticking to the here and now, fish is easy to prepare and an extremely versatile meal ingredient.


Fish can now be frozen at the time of catch, this is environmentally sound as there’s no mad rush to jet it off to the fish market; this means less travel, less pollution and controlled costs.

And, on the subject of travel and cost, why not save your own time and travel by having a choice of fish delivered to your front door!

  • Frozen fish by post?

Not as crazy as it may at first sound. Modern packaging techniques guarantee safe deliver of frozen products. Fish is no exception, indeed home delivery of frozen fish and like produce has become a very popular option. It cuts out the leg work and provides your family with a choice of nutritious delicious meals.

More and more people are enjoying the pleasures of shopping online, great prices, no travel, no parking … no-brainer!

  • Where’s the best online supplier

As an avid fish eater, I can only speak from experience; I’ve tried a few online suppliers but the one that comes out on top is undoubtedly the Sea Fresh online supplier.

Check out their website, the choice of fish is simply wonderful. There are ‘the usual suspects’ and many more besides. You will be sorely tempted to try something new; and why not!

Sea Fresh have straight forward ethical policies that make for a supreme service, great backup and genuine customer care. This is an established, well received business that offers freshly frozen fish at exceptionally competitive prices.

Sea Fresh don’t just offer fish! There’s a whole ocean of seafood available; from lobster to mussels. AND, somewhat less aquatic creatures such as chicken, duck, beef, lamb etc. etc.

The Sea Fresh website will really activate those taste buds with tempting morsels of fresh goodness.

There’s even an option to purchase some extraordinary oven-ready produce.

The website is informative and easy to navigate.

  • In conclusion

Eat healthy, be healthy. Go to Sea Fresh now … end of story!


Lee Edwin
My name is Lee Edwin. I'm a blogger, writer, and teacher from Florida. I share the best food trends and recipes that help you to stay healthy, slim, and happy.

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