Bringing Israel to Sydney: Easy Ways to Recreate Israeli Dips

Recreate Israeli Dips

One of the best ways you can spend your weekends with family is to bond over food. You shouldn’t let pandemic and arising anxiety from catching the Covid virus stop you from the joy of eating together. According to some research, 57% of the total population shared a meal with others as a part of their social recreation. Meanwhile, 76% of the total population surveyed thought that sharing a meal made them closer to their circle of friends and family.

If you’re craving for some authentic Mediterranean dishes, you can always check out the best sellers at the leading Israeli food Sydney restaurants. Here are also some tips and recipes that might help you in case you want to try them at home.

For starters, it is best to try the simple and uncomplicated dishes like the basic hummus, tahini, babaganoush, and matbucha paired with a simple pita bread. The recipes below can help recreate the feeling of enjoying them at the best restaurant alexandria, Sydney area.

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Starting with the base of hummus, you can either choose to cook chickpeas or garbanzo beans to a softened state or just buy canned ones for convenience. Add lemon juice, fresh garlic, ground cumin, salt and olive oil to enhance the texture of hummus.


This is a common dip in Israel that is based on beaten eggplant pulp. Like hummus, lemon juice, salt garlic and olive oil are all essential parts of the dip. But instead of chickpeas, the main base for this dish is the softened ground eggplant. Adding optional ingredients like cumin, fresh parsley and smoked paprika will elevate the taste and flavour of your dip more.


A traditional tasty matbucha has roasted tomatoes, red peppers, jalapeno, garlic and pepper. To make this, roast the bell pepper first then prepare a medium saucepan. Combine your diced tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno, salt, garlic and other ingredients that you prefer in the pan.  Aside from being paired as a dip to a pita bread, matbucha can also be served alongside olives and pickles.


Another popular dish that you can find in an Israeli restaurant alexandria is tahini. It is made from toasted sesame and can be used as a salad dressing  or toppings for kebabs and skewers.

Truly, the covid 19 pandemic has hit the food industry really hard. Although we can still prepare and enjoy these dishes at home, it is still better to have and share them with families and friends from time to time at the local Israeli restaurants near you. In addition to mouthwatering dishes, these establishments have the ambiance that completes the Mediterranean dining feel that you will cherish and remember with your friends for years.


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