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It’s fantastic to realize how greatly Singapore transformed from a fishing village into one of the most dynamic cities in Asia. Today, it also becomes the heart for some of the most delicious foods in entire South East Asia. Traders and settlers from neighbouring nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, China and India have contributed in making the Singaporean cuisine a unique mix.

It is believed that food is the core of any country’s cultural character. It is sometimes the one thing that can become a national obsession. It is even a constant trend and for so many people, eating out is like a daily affair. There are so many malls, markets and restaurants that sell the best foods.

Hawker markets are very famous in Singapore, and this is the ultimate destination for familiarizing the depth and breadth of this country’s cooking. These markets are a group of small stalls usually specializing in one or two signature foods. Here, you can taste the best of India, Malaysian, Chinese, Nonya or Peranakan style of cooking.

Nonya style of cooking was developed when local Malay women married Chinese labourers and merchants. It is a fantastic blending of Chinese-Hokkien ingredients with Malay spices and herbs. These dishes are normally hot and spicy. Many Nonya dishes are mixed with a spice paste or rempah made with a balance mixture of spring onion, turmeric, chilli, belachan, lemongrass and candlenuts.

Singapore has plenty of unique dishes, which include popiah (the soft tasty spring rolls), otak-otak (a fish cooked with chilli paste, herbs, coco milk and galangal, which is wrapped in a banana leaf) and rojak (a crunchy fresh salad). The Singapore chilli crab is simply irresistible and very popular among locals and foreigners. It is stir fried with sugar, garlic, soy sauce, chilli and tomato sauce.

According to medical science, herbs are an essential part of natural medicine. These herbs are mixed in foods and medicines to help people counter different diseases in a natural way. Herbs are even added in many supplements to help fight obesity, asthma and other conditions. If you want to shed some extra pounds, try the forskolin weight loss pills. It is one of the hottest products in the weight loss industry today.

To have a refreshing finish to your gastronomic adventure in Singapore, have a bunch of tropical fruits. But, you can also choose to have the traditional sweets like bubur cha-cha. This is a sweet, colourful mix of tapioca, beans, coco milk, and sweet potato.

Singapore is one big gastronomic adventure for everyone. Something special is always made to suit your taste whether; you love sweet, salty or spicy food. Its diverse culture and heritage offers unique and delicious foods that you and your food trip buddies will surely love. Singaporean cuisine is packed with taste and unique aroma and flavors.

The fish head curry is a palatable stew of curry mixed with the whole fish head and vegetables. It might not a wonderful sight for someone who does not like to look at fish’ eyes, but the taste is so wonderful. This is an extraordinary fish dish that is perfect for those who love to eat healthy. You will surely love the right mixes of a usual South Indian curry with the fish head, and wonderful Chinese delicacy.

Fried carrot cake will make you feel full without making you feel guilty. This nutritious dish has no carrot on it. Their main ingredients are white radish and rice flour. Some people call white radish as white carrot. The mixture is steamed and cut into cubes and mixed with eggs, garlic and chai poh, a preserved radish.

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