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In case, you have been wondering why your food turns bad, when placed outside the fridge, it occurs due to the reaction of bacteria with substances in food along with the effect of oxygen on various fats that causes it to become sour. You would require Aluminium foil, as it would act as a barrier against bacteria, moisture, flavours, odours, oxygen and light. The commercial aluminium foil has been deemed flexible that you could wrap it around anything. The major reason for the popularity of foil has been its inexpensiveness, durability, non-toxic nature and being greaseproof. As a result, it is perfect for food packaging. This immense popularity would continue to grow and presently, four-sided and fin-sealed pouches have been made available for medical, military and retail food applications. It has been in huge sizes, especially for institutional food service packs.

In food and packaging industry, Aluminium and Laminations have several applications.It would be inclusive of aseptic packaging for dairy products and drinks. It allows them to be placed outside the refrigerator or wrapping leftovers inside the refrigeratorfor keeping them fresh. Travelling could also be done with ease and would not be messy anymore when you wrap your food in commercial foil. In addition, wrapping of delicate food items such as vegetables and mushrooms in aluminium foil have been deemed perfect for barbeques. If you have never had an onion cooked on the grill being wrapped in a foil, you have been missing something. It is also an ideal solution for packaging take-away or fast food meals.

The industries & Applications for Aluminium foil is not limited to packaging only. They have an experience of more than forty years in the arena of aluminium, film and paper. They would also offer free consulting. They would work together to offer best solution for your needs.

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