Multiple Meals With Market Bread


When you purchase a package of buns, you probably think that you’re going to use them all for the meal that you have planned. However, some people might not want to use a bun. There might not be as many people eating as you had originally thought. Fortunately, the buns that you have don’t need to go to waste as there are quite a few ideas for another meal for your family.

Instead of buying a bag of croutons, you can make your own using leftover kaiser buns. Cut the buns into square pieces that are about the size of traditional croutons. Place them on a sheet pan, and sprinkle them with olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and seasonings. Bake on a low heat setting until they have the consistency of toast. You can make a large batch to store in the refrigerator or in an airtight container for when you want to use them.

There’s usually some recipe that you can make that includes bread crumbs. You might want to cover pieces of meat with the crumbs or combine them with meat to make a meal, such as a meatloaf. If you have leftover buns, you can toast them and then make your own bread crumbs to use. This is another item that you can make a large batch of that you can store in a container in a cabinet or the refrigerator so that you don’t have to continue buying them at the store.

Cut the buns in half to act as the bread for sliders. This is a fun idea because the buns will hold up to the weight of just about any kind of slider. Meatballs and cheese, pepperoni and cheese, or a variety of vegetables are all ideas for sliders that you can make for an easy meal option for your family.

Line a baking dish with the buns that you have left over from your meal. Top the buns with either an egg mixture or a combination of milk and sugar to make a delicious breakfast casserole for your family. If you want to use eggs, then you could add shredded cheese as well as diced vegetables, ham, and turkey. A casserole with milk and sugar could include cinnamon and other ingredients that would give it a sweet taste.

When you want a late-night snack or you want to make a meal that’s simple for your family, then consider miniature pizzas using leftover buns. Add a layer of sauce to the bun along with any ingredient that you would put on a larger pizza. You could set up bowls with different ingredients in them so that everyone can make their own pizza as this would be a fun family night event. Garlic bread is another option that you can try using leftover buns. You can use garlic salt and butter or make a decadent butter with fresh garlic cloves, thyme, and other seasonings. Enjoy the bread with spaghetti or another type of pasta so that you have two completely different meals using the same type of bread.

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