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Grilled Food

During a time in which fewer and fewer people take the time to eat outdoors or to gather around a hot barbeque, it is time to bring this trend back into popularity. After all, there are a wide range of health and social benefits to choosing a barbeque, otherwise known as a barbie, so that you may create a beautiful plate of freshly cooked food. Not only will your loved ones be glad for the chance to gather and share in laughter and good food, but you could very well bring together a group of people who do not otherwise spend time together away from work.


Grilled meats have significantly lower fat percentages than meats that are fried or even baked because the fat will literally drip off of the meat during the cooking process as it melts in the heat. Once it is in liquid form, the fat will literally drip off of the meet and into the barbeque, allowing you to enjoy many of the fattier cuts without worrying about the added calories. You may also further reduce the amount of fat by choosing leaner cuts of meat, and proper tenderising will quickly make this the best choice because you will see yourself eating much healthier and tastier meat than you might otherwise.


Grilling uses high heat, allowing the many juices and natural flavours of the meat being cooked to become locked into the meat. Not only will the meat remain tender and moist when cooked on Weber BBQs in Melbourne, but you should be able to enjoy the plate of food for its taste alone without having to smother it in a number of different condiments. Butter, oil, and other sauces add hundreds of calories all on their own, but you can avoid using these altogether by simply adding a few spices to the meat and trying a pile of colourful, delicious grilled vegetables.


Whenever you bring a barbeque onto your property, you instantly have the ability to truly have a great time with friends and family. Imagine what it may be like to simply invite your neighbours, friends, and loved ones over for a long night of eating great food, drinking cold beer, and laughing together. Not only do you now have a great excuse to bring over the people you love, but they will be more likely to want to come over if they know you have everything that’s needed to create a wonderful atmosphere and some amazing food while they spend time with you at your property.

With the heat in Melbourne reaching record numbers, it is a good idea to bring yourself and your family outdoors once the sun has begun to drop and cool off. Not only will you get to enjoy the latter hours of the day in relative comfort, but the late hours of the afternoon are ideal for throwing some freshly cut meat onto the barbie and watching the flames cook it to perfection. If you should feel up to sharing, bring in the entire family and neighbourhood and make an evening of it all with their help putting it together.

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