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Saffron Rose Tea Bags: How to Get the Most Out of It

Saffron Rose Tea Bags

Saffron is dubbed as one of the most legendary spices and you may be surprised that it comes with a price. The reason behind the hefty sum that you need to pay for a bit of flavourful and aromatic red strands is because harvesting this spice is quite laborious. In addition to this, each flower of the saffron plant only produces three stigmas or threads of the spice and this flower blooms for only a week in an entire year.

Uses of Saffron

This incredible spice can be used in your dishes and recipes. It can also be infused in your baking adventures. The best part is you can also add it to your beverage. In terms of the latter, you have the option of sourcing out saffron rose tea bags for your ultimate enjoyment. In this case, the deep and robust flavor of saffron is balanced by the gentle but distinct flavour of a fragrant rose. You can also infuse thyme or cardamom with your saffron tea.

How to use saffron rose tea bags

  • Hot Tea

To get the most out of your saffron tea bag, make sure that you add fresh boiling water in a cup that contains a bag. Let the bag sit for a couple of minutes or until you notice that the colour of the water is already transformed in a golden hue. Usually, each tea bag can be used twice or in some instances, even three times.

  • Cold Tea

If you are not a fan of hot drinks, you can still enjoy your saffron tea bags through a cold beverage. For this, you need to minimise the water used to infuse the tea to about a third of a glass. However, you still need to use fresh boiling water. After you take the tea bag out, you need to add a couple of ice cubes in the glass to create a refreshing beverage that is perfect during a hot day.

  • Sweet Tea

There are some people who prefer the taste of a sweet beverage, even in their tea. In this case, you can consume a saffron rock candy with your hot tea to satisfy your sweet tooth. The result is a magical taste that you won’t probably get enough of.

  • Other Alternatives

In case you don’t have saffron tea bags, you can still enjoy some saffron tea. All you need is to steep a couple of threads in hot water. However, a strong and bitter taste may come as a surprise to you. Nevertheless, you can add some other herbs to balance out the flavour.

In conclusion, you will find that getting your hands into a bit of saffron spice is worth every penny of your money because of its various uses. In case you want to enjoy this spice in its fullness, go ahead and purchase some saffron tea bags that are already infused with other herbs such as rose, thyme or cardamom to balance out the bold flavour of the spice. Rest assured that once you get to enjoy its luxurious taste, you will definitely want more.

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