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Enjoy Beautifully Grilled Food

During a time in which fewer and fewer people take the time to eat outdoors or to gather around a hot barbeque, it is time to bring this trend back into popularity. After all, there are a wide range of health and social benefits to choosing a barbeque, otherwise known as a barbie, so that you may create a beautiful plate of freshly cooked food. Not only will your loved ones be glad for the chance to gather and share in laughter and good food, but you could very well bring together a group of people who do not otherwise spend time together away from work.


Grilled meats have significantly lower fat percentages than meats that are fried or even baked because the fat will literally drip off of the meat during the cooking process as it melts in the heat. Once it is in liquid form, the fat will literally drip off of the meet and into the barbeque, allowing you to enjoy many of the fattier cuts without worrying about the added calories. You may also further reduce the amount of fat by choosing leaner cuts of meat, and proper tenderising will quickly make this the best choice because you will see yourself eating much healthier and tastier meat than you might otherwise.


Grilling uses high heat, allowing the many juices and natural flavours of the meat being cooked to become locked into the meat. Not only will the meat remain tender and moist when cooked on Weber BBQs in Melbourne, but you should be able to enjoy the plate of food for its taste alone without having to smother it in a number of different condiments. Butter, oil, and other sauces add hundreds of calories all on their own, but you can avoid using these altogether by simply adding a few spices to the meat and trying a pile of colourful, delicious grilled vegetables.


Whenever you bring a barbeque onto your property, you instantly have the ability to truly have a great time with friends and family. Imagine what it may be like to simply invite your neighbours, friends, and loved ones over for a long night of eating great food, drinking cold beer, and laughing together. Not only do you now have a great excuse to bring over the people you love, but they will be more likely to want to come over if they know you have everything that’s needed to create a wonderful atmosphere and some amazing food while they spend time with you at your property.

With the heat in Melbourne reaching record numbers, it is a good idea to bring yourself and your family outdoors once the sun has begun to drop and cool off. Not only will you get to enjoy the latter hours of the day in relative comfort, but the late hours of the afternoon are ideal for throwing some freshly cut meat onto the barbie and watching the flames cook it to perfection. If you should feel up to sharing, bring in the entire family and neighbourhood and make an evening of it all with their help putting it together.

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6 Healthiest Nuts And Their Health Benefits

Nuts will offer various health benefits. It contains a mix of valuable vitamins and minerals. Nut helps to lower cholesterol levels, and protect against heart disease, dried fruit is sweet and energy-dense. Scientific studies now show that nuts helps to prevent heart diseases. Here are the health benefits of nuts.


It is very rich in vitamins – A, C and B, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and selenium. It will give you a good quantity of fiber and It can help curb your appetite for several hours. Considered the most powerful antioxidant known so far. It contains Iron that is very essential for red blood cell formation.


It contains all the vitamins (vitamin E and H less) and a high amount of iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and potassium. Including it contains amino acids than apples, oranges. Many doctor’s recommended that Dates help in the fight against constipation, bowel disorders, It helps to maintain healthy body weight.


Available in all supermarkets and bananas are a good choice for a healthy diet. Contains natural sugars: sucrose, glucose and fructose combination of fiber. In addition to these benefits dried bananas containing potassium, vitamin A, B, B6, B12, and C.


It is one of the most powerful antioxidant nut and that offers multiple benefits for your health. Especially Dried Blueberries contain high content of vitamins and minerals, helps to regenerate blood vessels, Control your blood sugar levels, and protect the body against radioactivity.


They contain vitamin A, C, B and beta-carotene. Apricots improve eyesight and helps regenerate tissues and nerves. By high iron intake, these fruits are recommended in cases of severe anemia. Dried apricots are a good source of dietary fiber and potassium, with a low content of saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. The fruit is nutritious, laxative, and is recommended for anemia, asthenia, insomnia, convalescent.


This fruit is very important for your body health, but must be careful to choose the ones with the lowest added sugar or fresh fruit to pick and dehydrate them yourself. Cranberries help lower the risk of urinary infections, and some studies showed that It can directly control the growth rate of tumors.

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7 Easy Ways To Get Quality Protein

Protein is the powerhouse macronutrient essential of our overall health and well-being. It builds, repairs and replenishes tissues, cartilage, bones, organs, muscles, skin, hair and nails. People turn to protein because it helps burn fat and therefore, aids in weight loss. But your body doesn’t store protein, so there is no reserve from which to draw upon when your protein is low and you’re feeling sluggish. In short, you need protein – and a lot of it. Following are some ways to get quality protein in your daily diet to help you achieve optimum health and weight loss goals:

  1. Eat Sea Food

Fish is significantly lower in saturated fats than meat. Salmon and halibut are particularly good choices, but people on the go will be glad to hear that canned tuna is equally full of protein. Increase your intake of fish several times a week to help boost your protein levels.

  1. Go for Dairy products

While many duets fads discourage dairy products but milk, cheese and yogurt are excellent sources of protein that also contain Vitamin D, which is essential for bone density. But make you reach for the reduced, low or no-fat yogurt, not the brands laden with fake fruit or other ingredients. Skim milk is best.

  1. Packed Proteins

Grocery and convenience stores are well-stocked with colorfully packaged protein bars that promise great results and appeal to consumers who live hectic lifestyles but still want to eat a healthy diet. But many of these so-called protein bars won’t deliver the protein punch they claim, considering the amount of sugar they contain. Look carefully at the list of ingredients: If a protein bar only includes a few ingredients, like whey or almonds, it’s probably great. But if it has a long list of ingredients, put it back.

  1. Crack An Egg

Eggs are one of the richest – and cheapest – sources of protein. Plus, they take little time to prepare, so there’s no real excuse for not adding them to your daily diet. Boil them, scramble them, add a little all-natural salsa or spices – you can vary your egg intake to make them interesting enough to eat daily.

  1. Powders

Protein powders are meant to supplement your protein, and your caloric intake, so they are frequently favored by bodybuilders who are trying to add muscle. They should never be considered as a meal replacement or as a sole source of protein, but they can add value as a snack, after a workout or before bedtime. Do your research before selecting an all-natural protein powder.

  1. Lean Meat

Chicken breast have the market cornered as far as hardcore dieters are concerned. But pork, turkey and lean cuts of beef are also good sources of protein. A few pieces of lean jerky also make a great mid-day snack.

  1. Eat Your Veggies

No matter what the season is, there are plenty of vegetables you need to incorporate into your diet to get core protein. Broccoli, potatoes (leave the skin on), brussel sprouts, avocado, asparagus and turnips, as well as a host of other nutrient-rich vegetables should all be added to your shopping list. Explore new and exciting ways to prepare your favorite veggies to make your meals more interesting.

A diet that includes more proteins than carbohydrates will result in better health, stronger muscles and more bone density. There are numerous ways to add more protein to your daily meals, so no excuses.

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7 Foods To Burn Fat Fast And That Increase Metabolism

Healthy foods that put your metabolism on high speed and help to reduce fat fast, Metabolism provides fuel for our body, consumption of junk food, our body mass is increasing, It’s good to know that certain foods are more useful when it comes to the diet. Metabolic rate depends on your age, slow metabolism leads to the state of frustration and accumulation of fat in your body. Here are the foods that burn fat into your diet.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is one of the best healthy diet, Apple Cider Vinegar can boost your digestive system, It contains full of nutrients, And it can suppress your appetite, It is one of the organic food that helps to get rid of extra pounds.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are rich in fiber and it is the perfect choice when you want to lose weight. Studies have shown that you can burn many calories, if you opt for whole grain choices like food products. Consumption of whole grains (brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, bulgur, barley, brown bread, oats, rye, etc.) prevents chronic diseases and help to increase life expectancy.


It is a very rich source of protein, This one of the healthiest diet for weight lose, that contains Omega-3 fatty acid and low in saturated fats, Consumption of Salmon can reduce your body weight.

Low-fat Milk

It is rich in calcium and vitamin D,Low-fat dairy is a healthy alternative when you’re on a diet.

Green Tea

This tea contains a compound called EGCG and catechins, which speed up metabolism. Powerful natural antioxidant, green tea is famous for boosting the immune system, That can improve your memory, Daily 3 to 4 cups Consumption of green tea can help to reduce Bad LDL cholesterol levels in your body.


It is a healthy potential diet for you, it contains capsaicin, a substance that helps you burn calories more easily. And a bonus, capsaicin can help prevent metabolic decline with age, According to the British Journal of Nutrition, who eat chilli-spiked foods they eat less at subsequent meals.


Coffee can shift your metabolism into high gear, maybe you did not expect this product to be included in the charts, but according to the researchers, coffee drinkers have higher metabolic rates by 16% than those who drink decaffeinated coffee. Black liquor has some undeniable advantages for health. So you need to know that a cup of coffee can increase the ability to do exercise due to its energizing effect that it has on the body. Also prevents muscle fatigue. It is the largest source of antioxidants.

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6 Foods That Help You Lose Weight Fast

If you want to lose weight, you will need to find a balance between consumption of calories and food intake. Foods here literally melt fat while you chew, slowing metabolism, Fortunately there are plenty of good alternatives, you can do to increase your metabolic rate to burn fat at an optimal level, here is the list of fat burning foods for your healthy diet.

Green Tea

Many Studies have shown that regular consumption of green tea can boost moderate weight loss. It contains catechins (antioxidants) , which can fight against free radicals and promotes cellular health. A cup of green tea contains between 50 and 100 milligrams of catechins. Experts recommend drinking about 5 cups of green tea every day that helps to reduce fat around the belly. and provides a significant amount of antioxidants.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Foods containing omega 3 fatty acids, (walnuts, flax seeds, Sardines and Salmon), Daily intake of Omega 3 fatty acids found in (fatty fish, meat) that can help you lose weight, The researchers argue that the Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats that can encourage fat oxidation, but that regular exercise are required to strengthen this benefit. Studies have shown that omega 3 fatty acids can help reduce body fat.


Both pomegranate and pomegranate juices, helpful in reducing body fat. Meanwhile, pomegranate has anti-inflammatory properties, that can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Some recent studies have found that intake of pomegranate prevents obesity and diabetes.


Hot peppers contain a compound called capsaicin. Capsaicin can reduce your appetite and that can boost your metabolism, but only for a short period of time. In fact that people need to consume a smaller amount of a spicy preparation foods.


This fruit contains a huge amount of Vitamin C, oranges has a high potential to burn fat. It is rich in fiber, which helps to improve your digestive health, As a result, you can burn more calories. They have the same beneficial effect and other citrus fruits such as lemons or limes.


Grapefruit is not only a miracle food for your health. However, it can help people who want to lose weight because it is a low calorie fruit and gives the feeling of fullness for longer, after consumed. It contains a huge amount of fiber. Drink half a glass of grapefruit juice before meals that helps to get rid of fat storage around the belly.

Coffee Makers

How To Check The Best Reviews of Coffee Makers

The competition is increasing in every field including the product market. Everyone wants the best and does not want to compromise with the quality of the products they buy for their family. Comparing provides idea about the best products to be purchased out of the list of available products and thus it is very important to have the best comparison before purchasing anything. One such product is coffee maker, something that is needed in all modern household. You can always check the reviews and compare between products before you actually make a purchase.

Checking the websites for reviews

While you are checking the websites of the company for the review of a specific coffee maker, you will mostly find positive reviews. The company has a reputation to keep and it will not give out anything negative to the users. However, some reviews will always be genuine in the website and for that you have to concentrate on the mechanism of the product. You have to check if there is proper review about the operation of the product and then you will be sure.

How to find the correct comparison?

While checking for comparison, you can check websites that compare products of different company in the same forum. This will give you an actual idea about the coffee maker that you want to buy. The reviews are often given by experts who have used the coffee maker all by themselves and then started giving the review. This is easy to understand and good to trust. The idea is not quite vividly used but can be the best way of checking a review. One such website is which is known for its honest reviews. Check the list of products and find the best choice of coffee maker for your household. You would never hate to trust blindly.

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee Days

I have to admit that technology has defeated me and ruined my ritualistic morning affair with coffee. I used to wake up in the mornings, wash my face, brush my teeth, and turn on the stove while making the preparations for my delicious Turkish coffee. That’s a thing of the past now and Turkish coffee has become a special occasion a couple of times a year. Pressing a button on a super automatic coffee machine is much more concurrent and enabling in my slothish behaviors.

Nonetheless, I do prefer my coffee with a buzz, so I do make a mean cup of joe. Because it’s so strong, I’m perfectly satisfied with one cup of caffeine bomb in the morning, but the afternoon often finds me craving a little more coffee. Far from being a coffee fiend, I do make a case of always having a sealed jar of cold-brew coffee in the fridge, thus always having a go-to for that afternoon caffeine craving. I find that cold brew is amazingly easy to make and I would like to see more people making cold-brewed coffee at home instead of spending some serious amounts for it in the coffee shops. Of course, there are really good products on the market for making cold-brew coffee, machines that fit well in your kitchen, but for those who prefer not to spend on such things, a standard French press or a Mason jar will do the trick. In fact any coffee will do it, as long as you coll it down very fast, so the coffee doesn’t oxidizes. If you are srill looking for that brewing technique that is a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle, here is ten ways to brew coffee. Anyway, back to my cold brew coffee recipe, just read on.

Cold-Brewing at Home

  • In order to avoid cloudiness in your coffee, choose the most coarse setting on your grinder;
  • Wash/sterilize a large Mason jar (approximately 1:8 coffee-to-water ratio), pour the grounds in the jar, and add cold water;
  • Stir slowly until the two are blended, put the lid on and leave it to steep either in the fridge or at room temperature for anywhere between 18 and 24 hours;
  • After it’s brewed, get rid of the larger grounds with the help of a sieve or paper towel sheets. Repeat this action until there’s no more residue on the bottom;
  • Pour a cup, seal the jar, and put it in the fridge. That is all.

Going back to my coffee drinking rituals, once the evening settles in, I may indulge in a tasty latte or cappuccino, but my coffee machine takes care of that for me. I find that most of the people I know also drink about three coffee drinks a day. I also find that all of the people who come by are blown away by my cold brew jar and how cold-brew coffee is so much sweeter, so much higher in caffeine, and so much milder on the stomach than your typical brew. I always end up giving them the recipe, thus the above cold-brewing steps. For those who need a more detailed guide, this cold brew coffee guide is one of the best.


7 Coffee Brewers That Can Redefine the Taste of Morning Drink

Home brewed coffee has no quality replacement. Aroma, texture and taste – if these three factors are what you want your coffee to be filled with; then you are the one of those who cannot do without a Cold Drip Coffee Maker. So, here are some of the best advantages and worst disadvantages of 7 best coffee brewers that can make your day.

Today T2N

Quite space-efficient, this cold drip coffee brewer comes with a glass decanter topped by a smart looking coffee maker. You get aroma enriched coffee with evenly distributed ground coffee beans. However, its design requires safe storage.

OXO good grips

This coffee maker enables even distribution of coffee beans and so what you get at end result is a texture-rich coffee. It is faster, comes with a timer and silicon stopper that facilitates easy storage. However, clean regularly to avoid clogging.

Primula Cold Brew Glass Carafe

Easily swappable with other Primula products like flavor infuser, you can get evenly ground coffee and can keep it stored in fridge for future use. It is dishwasher safe, but the glass and carafe are not distinct.

Sterlingpro Coffee & Espresso Maker

It is fit for both cold and hot coffee. The French Press coffee maker design of this brewer matches your need of slowly and long brewed coffee. Handle with care, as grinders may leak.

Yama Glass Cold Drip Maker

It is a brewer with ancient look. The brewer can make coffee faster than others, but its apparatus is a bit difficult to clean with all spirals and narrow connectors.

Dutch Lab Gothicism

This amazingly beautiful coffee brewer comes with multiple strainers so that you can make coffee as per desired strength. Use of high quality metallic base materials makes it quite expensive.

BodyBrew Bod

This brewer is the brewer of today. Portability, high quality output, easy storage and cleaning and best price makes it the long-lasting companion of coffee brewers.

All these designs make inspiration for Dolo Coffee Supplies and also define the taste that every coffee lover wants to wake up to.

Tea Journey

Tea Journey’ magazine Kickstarter campaign an overwhelming success

Tea Journey magazine, a new publication that has been described as “one of the greatest new developments in tea journalism,” recently received over $100,000 in funding via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The magazine is the brainchild of tea journalist and connoisseur Dan Bolton, who enlisted the aid of top tea experts, writers, publishers and translators around the world. Each 150-page issue contains unique content originating in the lands that the tea is produced in, interviews with tea masters and tea growers, profiles of tea craft and tea ware artisans, plus more.

Bolton is continuing to gain funding for the magazine. Those who weren’t quick enough off the mark during the Kickstarter campaign are still able to pledge, and will receive an exquisite tea and their name listed as a Charter Subscriber in the inaugural issue of Tea Journey magazine for doing so. This is causing quite a stir, with tea enthusiasts rushing to take advantage of this opportunity.

The success of Tea Journey on Kickstarter indicates that large numbers of tea drinkers are dying to find out more about their favorite hot beverage in all the forms it takes around the world. The magazine has been tipped for big things. It looks set to help share experiences from every corner of the globe, and unite tea lovers in their pursuit of rarest, most unusual, and most flavorsome teas.


Tea Journey magazine launches Kickstarter campaign

A new tea magazine entitled Tea Journey magazine is on its way that has been described as one of the best new developments in tea-based journalism. It’s currently preparing its inaugural issue via a 60-day-long Kickstarter campaign.

Pledges can start at as little as two U.S. dollars. Charter subscribers who donate thirty dollars or more will receive a tea of their choosing. Tea Journey offers exciting rewards for those who pledge, including a Nepalese tour worth seven thousand dollars; a scotch and tea tasting class held in Montreal; training classes at the World Tea Academy; high quality tasting classes with well-established teachers, and private dinners with experts including the founder of Rishi Tea Joshua Kaiser in Milwaukee. Subscribers will receive three issues and a year’s online access. They will also get to see their names listed in pride of place in the June issue.

World Tea Podcast spoke to Bolton in order to find more about this exciting new magazine, and a program will be hosted by An Organic Conversation that will feature it later this month. Tea companies around the world have pledged more than seventy thousand dollars worth of tea for the mag to use as Kickstarter rewards. It looks to be set for big things.