Digging The Vegetable Garden

Getting the Best from Your Vegetable Patch

The growing of vegetables at home is a great way to make sure of a fresh, bountiful supply of nutritious food. There are a lot of theories about vegetable cultivation, but the procedure will involve a considerable amount of trial and error. Contemplate spending some time and do some research online or with gardening books, to find out which plants will grow best in your local climate and available space. By correctly being prepared ahead of time, much of the frustration which may come with vegetable cultivation can be taken away before it even begins.

The Simple Use of Containers

  • One favoured method of vegetable growing is what is known as “container gardening”.
  • Superb for smaller gardens or for homes that do not have any usable earth, container gardening allows for vegetables to be grown in pots and planters.
  • And while containers can be filled with different types of plants, ensure that each has enough space to grow without overlapping its neighbour.
  • Container gardening is great too, because it also allows plants to be easily moved around, so as to take advantage of sunlight and shade that moves as the day rolls on.

But Not for All Plants

  • However, although container gardening is a great way of vegetable cultivation, it is not good for all plants.
  • The growing of veggies such as corn, climbing beans, carrots or potatoes may prove somewhat impossible inside containers.
  • A number of plants may be in need of deeper planting than is available for container growing, while some can easily grow too large for a container to manage securely.

If You Have Some Land

  • For those people who have some land, the planting of vegetable beds is a wonderful way to grow vegetables.
  • If you are planting straight into the soil, it is a good idea to have soil samples taken and tested to fully understand the composition and nutrients that are present.
  • A number of people like to build raised vegetable beds and then add the soil, to allow full control over the composition. If you feel you lack the experience for this then you should considering contracting a local landscaping service to give you a helping hand.
  • Tip – Clearly mark all types of plant and care instructions next to each row of vegetables.


  • To help in controlling climate and water opportunities, some people like to use greenhouses.
  • These basic structures normally have glass panels that let in sunlight, while keeping out rain and stopping any wind or storm damage.
  • Greenhouses can even be fitted with heating and cooling systems as well as built-in irrigation for the correct amount of moisture.
  • Greenhouses can allow for vegetable growing of non-native species that need a particular humidity and water level to grow.

Fun for All

Growing vegetables is fun for all ages and levels of experience. Should you be helping children extract out the first carrots or making a soup with veggies grown right outside the back door, all gardeners are delighted and take great pride in anything which their hard labour has brought forth. Thank you, Mother Earth!


The Health Benefits of Seafood and Today’s Tastiest Menu Options

If you have any doubts about the salient health benefits associated with eating seafood, take a brief moment to peruse the enlightening facts and figures displayed below:

  • Essential Nutrients: Although the actual content will vary based on the type of seafood you ingest, oceanic dishes are renowned for being fantastic sources of B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, and vitamin A – a unique combination of nutrients that promotes healthy metabolism function, vision, and bone growth.
  • Heart Health: The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are most notably known for their ability to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular detriments, such as arrhythmia, stroke, and heart attacks. While you may think it’s easier to take a capsule or pill supplement to account for your omega-3 intake, scientists and doctors agree that natural absorption through seafood consumption is the best way to go.
  • Joint Health and Mobility: The rare amalgamation of amino acids and nutrients in seafood has been proven to ease tender joints, reduce early-morning stiffness, and provide relief from rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Better Skin: From helping your skin cells preserve moisture and providing protection against UV rays to reducing the frequency of acne and displaying a healthy glow, eating seafood is one of the most efficacious homeopathic remedies for better skin.
  • Boosts Immune System Function: Much of today’s seafood is packed with copious amounts of Selenium, which is a potent antioxidant known for its ability to enhance and improve the immune function in people of all ages.

Finding Fresh Fish

As you can see by now, it’s important to weave some wholesome seafood into your weekly routine, especially when taking into account the increasing prevalence of processed foods, super saturated fats, and other unhealthy dietary staples nowadays.

In this regard, you should establish a relationship with a reputable local fishmonger such as Sandys Fish, to avail yourself of fresh, nourishing seafood on a consistent basis. This family-owned shop is immaculately cleaned on a daily basis, and features one of the largest selections of ocean-to-table seafood in the entire UK, which includes the following:

  • Cod
  • Haddock
  • Skate
  • Monkfish
  • Mackerel
  • Squid
  • Plaice
  • Sole
  • Trout
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Snappers
  • Halibut
  • Sea Bream

The fish are sustainably sourced and delivered fresh each day, but this particular shop is able to take your grocery experience to the next level with a wide selection of additional niche products such as the ones found below:

  • In-house smoked fish, such as Scottish Salmon or Arbroath Smokies.
  • Wide range of shellfish, including North Atlantic Prawns, King Scallops, and even live l
  • Ample assortment of authentic cheeses, such as English mature cheddar, Double Gloucester, Wensleydale cranberry mixtures, and even White Stilton with apricots.
  • Wild game, including rabbits, venison, pheasants, and even wild boar (pre-order only).
  • Various other foodstuffs and provisions, such as mayonnaises, homemade sauces, mustards, pickles, soups, oatcakes, and oils, just to name a few.

Best of all, Sandys Fishmonger is renowned for its in-house delivery specialty, due in large part to the store’s habitual use of both vans and bicycles to deliver fresh produce straight to your front door. So, if you can’t make it down to the shop for some fresh seafood, just call on the friendly service staff and schedule a delivery!



  • Why choose frozen fish?

The health benefits

There is a widely held misconception that all things frozen are unhealthy. This, especially in the case of fish, is simply untrue.

Fish is an invaluable source of protein and vitamins, notably vitamins D and B. Also, it is rich in calcium and essential minerals such as iron and potassium.

What’s more it is very low in fat!

In short, fish is an extremely healthy food source.

Frozen fish retains nutritional benefits and, of course, its wonderful array of tasty flavours and textures.

What’s more, there’s no wastage, take out of the freezer the exact amount and type of fish desired; maybe cod today or perhaps salmon? Frozen fish allows you to be more flexible with your meal planning.

Fish has long been hailed as a food with almost mystical and magical qualities. Fish has been accredited as a ‘life saver’; good for the function of brain, kind to the heart and general wellbeing of mankind.

All evidence tends to support these claims; in the meantime, sticking to the here and now, fish is easy to prepare and an extremely versatile meal ingredient.


Fish can now be frozen at the time of catch, this is environmentally sound as there’s no mad rush to jet it off to the fish market; this means less travel, less pollution and controlled costs.

And, on the subject of travel and cost, why not save your own time and travel by having a choice of fish delivered to your front door!

  • Frozen fish by post?

Not as crazy as it may at first sound. Modern packaging techniques guarantee safe deliver of frozen products. Fish is no exception, indeed home delivery of frozen fish and like produce has become a very popular option. It cuts out the leg work and provides your family with a choice of nutritious delicious meals.

More and more people are enjoying the pleasures of shopping online, great prices, no travel, no parking … no-brainer!

  • Where’s the best online supplier

As an avid fish eater, I can only speak from experience; I’ve tried a few online suppliers but the one that comes out on top is undoubtedly the Sea Fresh online supplier.

Check out their website, the choice of fish is simply wonderful. There are ‘the usual suspects’ and many more besides. You will be sorely tempted to try something new; and why not!

Sea Fresh have straight forward ethical policies that make for a supreme service, great backup and genuine customer care. This is an established, well received business that offers freshly frozen fish at exceptionally competitive prices.

Sea Fresh don’t just offer fish! There’s a whole ocean of seafood available; from lobster to mussels. AND, somewhat less aquatic creatures such as chicken, duck, beef, lamb etc. etc.

The Sea Fresh website will really activate those taste buds with tempting morsels of fresh goodness.

There’s even an option to purchase some extraordinary oven-ready produce.

The website is informative and easy to navigate.

  • In conclusion

Eat healthy, be healthy. Go to Sea Fresh now … end of story!


Have You Sampled Barbera Wine

If you have not yet sampled Barbera wine, you must give this drink a taste. Barbera is a red grape Italian wine. In fact, the wine is the third most-planted variety of its type in Italy. It follows Sangiovese and Montepulciano in rankings. The grape produces excellent yields and is known for its rich red colour, high levels of acid, and low tannins.

Therefore, wines made from the Barbera grape are frequently depicted as being medium-bodied with a solid acidity. Flavours are suggestive of spice and red cherries. The barrel-aged types of Barbera are fuller-bodied as well as pricier.

Some Suitable Pairings

If you wish to pair this wine, experts at such wine retailers as Hard To Find Wines suggest that you match up the wine with the following entrees:

  • Braised chicken and peppers
  • Roasted pork and mango glaze
  • Lentils and chicken sausage

A Reasonable Price

This type of wine, which is normally medium to high in acidity, is considered a dry wine with respect to sweetness. It contains a medium amount of alcohol. Connoisseurs of the wine often buy this Hard To Find Wines product at a reasonable price. Usually, you will not spend over £18 for the selection.

Barbera Wine from the Carneros Region in California

Whilst the Barbera wine is grown in Italy, the version featured by retailers such as Hard To Find Wines comes from the Carneros region in the Sonoma and Napa valleys of California. The California version features scents of berry fruit with plum notes. When tasting the wine, you will notice a hint of rich cherry and blackberry, which is balanced out by a medium tannin structure and toasty yet sweet French oak.

Other Delicious Food Pairings

Indeed, this is an excellent California wine to also pair with such foods as pasta in cream sauce, white fish that has been grilled, creamy risotto, and tomato-based foods or sauces. This particular wine also works well with roasted pork, all styles of chicken dishes (except for spicy), and pizza. The acidity in the wine cleanses the palate of the fat in dishes with sauces.

Grilled White Fish and Barbera

When paired with white fish, you will note that the Barbera is not overpowered by the food. Also, when you drink the wine with tomato-based dishes, the acidity in the tomatoes tempers the acidity in the Barbera. As a result, the more delicate flavours are noted when eating a tomato-based dish.

Growing and Harvesting the Barbera Grape

The Barbera grape is well-suited to warm climates and prospers well in soils that are sandy or fine. Usually, the fruit ripens late. Therefore, the grape cannot be grown in places where winter arrives early. That is why this type of grape can be grown in California. Whilst the grape displays a thin skin, it does develop a lovely blue-violet hue.

Although the Barbera grape is best known in Italy and California, growers are now harvesting the fruit in such locales as Chile, Australia, and Argentina. Many award-winning versions of the Barbera wine have been produced in California. If you enjoy red wine, you will want to add this wine to your list of selected vintages.


An Easy and Delicious Way To Start The Morning

Everyone drinks coffee in the morning (Okay, maybe not everyone), it’s warm and it gives you that boost of energy you need on a Monday morning. The downfall to coffee is having to prepare it, who wants to measure beans when they first wake up? No one. Imagine waking up on a Monday morning, needing that extra push to jump start your day the right way and all you have to do is sit your mug down by the coffee machine and push a button. This is where any Keurig Pods come in.

All you do is take a pod, put it in the machine and hit brew. It doesn’t get any easier. They come in a variety of flavors, not only do they have a ton of choices for coffee but they have more. They have Teas. They have Hot Chocolates. They even have pods for the common cold. Set up could not be easier, fill the machine with water, put in your choice pod and wait. You can even set a timer on some models so your coffee is brewed and waiting for you before you even get out of bed. They’re also easy to clean which everyone knows is a major plus because the only thing worse than waiting for your coffee to brew in the morning is having to clean out the machine before and after.

Now that we’ve been through all of that, take a second and think about how much you spend on your current coffee, think about how long it lasts and how many brews you get out of it. Now take a look at the products and brands of coffee Keurig is offering and spot the difference. Keurig is offering you name brand pods at a cheaper price and letting you buy it in bulk so you only need to restock every few weeks. There’s even variety packs you can buy so if you don’t know what you like you can test the waters (or coffees and teas), or even if you just want to try something new you can get a variety pack. Some even come pre-creamed and sugared so you don’t have to worry about adding anything extra while also making it more portable if your work place has a machine accessible that you can use.

Who can argue with that? Start your work day off with some coffee, at lunch graduate to tea and at the end of the day if you’re feeling up for it, some hot chocolate! So do you really need to be convinced anymore? You should at least be considering it by now. Unless you aren’t a fan of warm drinks, you should own one of these machines and from now on say goodbye to tired mornings and waiting on your coffee machine to start brewing, say goodbye to not having the right creamer at the ready, and say goodbye to starting your day off wrong.


Enjoy Your Coffee without the Queue

It may be a bit intimidating to watch a barista make his or her way across a large coffee setup, creating drink after drink with a flurry of hand motions, but the process is far simpler than you think with the right machine. After all, these men and women are merely people who love coffee as much as you do and it can take no more than a single day to learn all of the many hidden secrets to be found in an espresso machine. Huntingdon is home to a large number of cafés and coffee shops but there is nothing quite as exhilarating as waking up each morning to find that you can skip the traffic and the queue and still enjoy a fresh hot cup of your favourite beverage.

Safe Time

True with any coffee machine in your home, you save hours of your time each week by simply brewing your own espresso in your Huntingdon house. By the time that you climb into your car or onto your bike, ride to the café, queue, order, and then receive your coffee, you will have been forced to get out of bed up to an hour earlier than you truly needed to just to have caffeine and a great drink. Take back that time for yourself, get a bit more rest after a long day, and then get up and watch your own private cup of coffee brew itself.

Infinite Choices

Unlike a coffee shop, which probably does not have more than a few variations in coffee brand, type, and strength, you could bring home an espresso machine in Huntingdon from Simply Great Coffee and truly make something unique every single day. Nearly every continent in the world is known for a particular type of coffee and you could fill your home with any number of different styles and tastes so that each new cup is a fresh flavour. Even the time of the year can change the type of coffee available, making it clear that the best option for any coffee connoisseur is to simply bring home his or her own machine.


There are some who make great coffee a passion and although you may or may not share the same interest, there is something rewarding in gaining new knowledge in an area. Once you bring a machine from Simply Great Coffee home, you will learn more about coffee simply by drinking it more often and trying different options on occasion. Over time, you may yet begin to notice the difference that different grind sizes, the amount of coffee, time, and more can make on the flavour and delicacy of a great cup of espresso and you are free to experiment again and again until you find the coffee ideal to your tastes.

In addition, you can find materials online easily that will outline the different types of coffee and how to make many surprisingly simple specialty drinks. You may use this newfound talent to impress your friends or you may simply keep the secrets to yourself to enjoy some delicious drinks in your own quiet home.


10 of the Healthiest Foods That You Should Be Eating

What is for dinner tonight? You probably get that question asked every single day. How do you decide what you will be making? Is it what everyone agrees on or is it whatever is on sale? Maybe you should be taking a different route and choosing dinner from the many lists of healthiest foods around. According to an article on Fitness the ten healthiest foods that you should be eating are as follows:

  1. Lemons: full of vitamin C and may prevent the growth of cancer cells.
  2. Broccoli: full of vitamin K and may also help to prevent cancer cells from developing.
  3. Dark Chocolate: rich in antioxidants and reduces blood pressure.
  4. Sweet Potatoes: full of vitamin which helps to fight off cancer.
  5. Salmon: omega-3 fatty acids for fighting heart disease, cancer and depression as well as a daily dose of niacin which could fight off memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. Walnuts: omega-3 fatty acids which helps to reduce cholesterol and also fight off cancer and help shield you from sun damage.
  7. Avocados: full of vitamins rich in lowering cholesterol and fiber that helps to reduce your risk of heart disease.
  8. Garlic: contains allicin which is an anti-inflammatory to lower blood pressure and cholesterol also is a powerful fighter that inhibits the growth of bacteria
  9. Spinach: works to boost the immune system and good for your eyes. It has also been discovered that spinach is the best cancer-fighting veggie out there.
  10. Beans: lower your risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

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Choosing to eat healthy is always a good idea and so is upgrading your wardrobe. Shop Journeys today and save more when you see Groupon Coupons first.


Six Benefits of Buying and Running a Franchise

Going into business on your own is challenging, especially since most businesses fail within their first three years. However, you can go into business by buying into a well-known brand in a well-known industry by purchasing a franchise. The following are six benefits of buying a franchise.

Higher Success Rate

Since most franchises are well-known businesses with a support network, they are more successful than other small businesses. When you go into business on your own, you need time to build your brand and gain a reputation to draw people through the door. With a franchise however, that work is already done, so all you need to do to succeed is correctly manage the business and its books.

Easier to Finance

Banks like to know what they’re getting into when they allow someone to borrow money to open a business. Because franchises are often well-known companies, banks or other lenders are usually more willing to let people borrow the money they need to open such a business. It is much harder to get a loan for yet-unknown business, as lenders do not like to take risks with their money.

Training Included

Many franchises provide training for running every aspect of the business. They will train owners how to make the products or provide the service that they are selling, as well as how to manage the business and how to get help when it is needed. Since it is their reputation on the line, the franchise will make sure you know how to operate the business up to their standards before the doors to your branch are opened.

Advertising Included

When you open a business of your own, you are responsible for its advertising, whether that is through online promotions or traditional advertising on television, in newspapers, or over the radio. However, when you purchase a franchise like Kickstart My Coffee, the corporate office will take care of the advertising for your business and will show you how to promote your franchise locally in other ways, such as over the internet.

Corporate Support

Even though you may be buying a franchise and starting a small business, you will have the support of a corporation behind you. You can contact the corporate office for advice or help when you have a problem, and a district supervisor can visit your store to provide the support you need when resolving an operational issue with your business.

Suppliers Included

When you’re running a franchise business, you usually do not need to source your own supplies. The franchise will already have contracts with vendors to supply the needs of your store, such as paper goods, products, uniforms, and cleaning supplies. They will have already negotiated the rates for these supplies, so you won’t need to haggle with suppliers to get the best price on the items you need to run your business.

Most franchises are turn-key, so all you need to do is get trained and go to work once the franchise is ready to open. The corporate office will provide their blueprint for success, and all you need to do is follow it in order to succeed.

Chinese Takeaway

The Advantages Of Hiring Chinese Takeaway Rather Than Eating At Home

Every day, thousands of people around the country decide to leave the pots and pans in the cupboard. Instead, you should think about going online and helping yourself to a tasty Chinese takeaway meal.

There are lots of reasons why you should consider a takeaway rather than cooking.

You Will Have Much More Choice

When you are cooking at home, you only have a limited amount of choice. This means that you might make a boring meal that you do not enjoy.

You can go online to order the best Chinese takeaway in Bristol and you will have a large amount of choice. This means that you are going to pick a meal that tantalises your taste buds rather than bores you.

Check out several Chinese takeaways before you find the kind of meals that you are going to enjoy. You can use the same take away over and over again in order to make sure that you have a quality meal every time you don’t feel like cooking.

You Can Experience Different Flavours

The beauty of Chinese cooking is that it is bursting with flavour. You are not just limited to one type of flavour because different regions of China have their own preferences. This is reflected in the food that you can order at the local takeaway.

  • Sichuan – this province has hot and spicy dishes with a lot of chillies.
  • Shandong – this province has seafood dishes with a salty taste.
  • Guangdong – this province has sweet food.

The flavours of different Chinese regions are altered for western tastes when you order from the takeaway. You can sample lots of different dishes to see which regional food is your favourite. You can order this off the menu every time.

Your own cooking might not be as flavourful as the takeaway because you might not know how to use the right blend of herbs and spices.

You Do Not Need To Wash Up At The End

When you are preparing your own meal, it can be frustrating to wash up at the end. This is especially true if it is very late or you have lots of guests to entertain.

Instead, you will be able to buy some takeaway food and once you have finished, you will just throw the containers away. This means that you will not have any pots and pans to wash up at the end of the meal.

You Can Try New Vegetarian Dishes

When you are thinking of new vegetarian recipes to cook for yourself, you might be running out of inspiration. This means that you will not want to cook. Instead, you can look at the Chinese vegetarian dishes that are available.

You will be surprised at the amount of choice you have when you are picking from the Chinese vegetarian menu.


  • A Chinese takeaway means that you do not have to wash up.
  • A Chinese takeaway gives you a lot of options from all over China.
  • You can try lots of new vegetarian options.
Catering Equipment

Companies that Provide Repairs to Catering Equipment Are Invaluable

If you are a caterer, you know how important it is to keep your equipment operating correctly at all times. Fortunately, there are companies that specialise in doing just that, which means the next time you go to a catering job, you can rest assured that you will be able to provide the proper services in a timely and safe manner. In fact, if your catering equipment isn’t working properly, it could be a danger to the entire catering job, which is why these companies’ services are so invaluable.

Doing the Job Just Right

Catering equipment encompasses dozens of pieces of equipment, from burners to ice-making machines and much more. If anything is broken it can wreak havoc on your business, and worse yet, it can affect your bottom line. Companies that provide expert Dorset catering equipment – servicing and repairs can get anything working like new again, and do it at prices you can afford. They can also help make sure your facility and equipment are following the strict guidelines set by national health and safety regulations, which is of the utmost importance. Whether you are a small kebab stand, a large restaurant or anything in between, they can make sure your business runs more efficiently thanks to equipment that works the way it should.

Help with a Variety of Equipment

Regardless of the size or type of equipment you use for your catering business, companies that repair and maintain this equipment work hard to make sure all of it is working properly at all times. They work with equipment that is small and large, basic and complex, old and new, so they can guarantee that when their job is done, you will be completely happy with the services they’ve provided. This is a responsibility they always take seriously, guaranteeing you will get the service you need every single time.